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The ‘whatever climate change’ scientific fraud insists: a non-existing 0.039% amount of atmospheric CO2 is warming up of the globe by ‘trapping’ heat. Would be: by ‘shining’ DARKNESS! That’s because the heat is the radiation — the light. ‘Trapped’ heat = ‘trapped’ light = darkness. Where the heat is coming from, then? That’s simple: a single volcano Kilauea, in liberals’ backyard on Hawaii, is flowing into Pacific Ocean daily 400 000 tons of hot volcanic lava, unstoppable for over 30 years! Due to property of water, the heat become sunk, is accumulated in ocean’s deep; will remain there for centuries to come! Liberal fraudulent mob is sabotaging the real source of heat, to keep the climate fraud alive. Honest President will end this multi-trillion scientific fraud, hopefully.

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