My atheist friends and acquaintances, of whom I have a number, confuse me: at the drop of a hat they want to talk or write about God or Christianity or the Church — none of which they believe in! Weird! It would be like me incessantly raising the topic of being constantly monitored by aliens in space, which I don’t actually believe and therefore have never raised with anyone or written about. Why, then, this preoccupation with God by atheists if they don’t believe in him? Weird — methinks perhaps they may protest too much? Now I am proudly a Christian, not through talking about Christ, but because of personal experiences with him, although I don’t discuss the topic unless someone else wants to talk about it.

When atheists disagree with me about something such as the danger of “safe schools”, they usually attack me (of course) but also God, the Church, or religion in general. This is odd. I don’t think I have even mentioned God or the Church in my previous posts; and if I have it will have been a passing comment — my concerns arise from my own parenting and around 40 years of teaching experience, running youth work, writing and delivering courses that included frank sex education discussions when age-appropriate, counselling with young people whose lives have been scarred by paedophilia, my personal stance against bullying on a wide front… and so on. All purely practical, not by inexperienced theoreticians. One observation I have not recorded previously — I have yet to speak with a young person who has been abused sexually who has not been harmed by the experience, and who does not think about it usually daily. And, boy, do we have a massive crop in preparation, being incubated in our “safe schools”!!!

The experiences of sexually abused people I have counselled have ranged in intensity; perhaps the worst was a lovely girl who put up with her blood father forcing her to have incestual sex — which she put up with because of fear that he would start attacking her younger sister if not — until she could stand it no more and ran away. She will always be a hero in my estimation, but at what a cost to herself!!

I seem to have strayed from my bewilderment at atheists. I will return to this topic next post.

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