There are multiple examples of the way that Jesus guides through relevant scripture, as he did for Brenda and I in Post 11. There is not always an applicable scripture for him to use, however. For example, Vic Moore was told by an audible voice in New Zealand to go to Malawi. No scripture mentions Malawi! Nor was he seeking guidance at the time, although he was always willing to follow Jesus wherever and for whatever.

Vic thought he had heard the name Malawi mentioned previously but was unsure. He got out paper maps (pre-Google days) and found it — a small African country that had been named Nyasaland during colonial days. This began an adventure in faith for Vic and his young family. They were our friends in Malawi, and I confirm that he did a good work for the Lord there.

Sometimes Jesus will guide you to a helpful person. Dr Kevin Martin in Zimbabwe had neglected to apply in time for a specialist medical examination to be held in London. “I immediately prayed and asked Christ to forgive my carelessness and to please get my entry in on time if it was his will.” Kevin then dashed around gathering references, the witnessing of signatures and copies of documents as required, and so on — by which time it was far too late to post the resulting parcel. Kevin told me during an interview:

There was only one way in which all this could be delivered to Regent’s Park in London in time. That was for a passenger on the evening flight from Salisbury (now Harare) to take it there for me. But I knew of no-one who was going. Nevertheless, I dashed out to the airport, asking Christ to guide me to someone I knew or knew of, as a sign that person would be a reliable courier.

At the airport, I had ten minutes left and still no courier to trust my precious parcel to. Only ten minutes left!

In desperation, I looked around the terminal and spotted an old university friend. I ran up to Bill and asked him if he knew of anyone going on the flight?

He replied that his brother was and introduced me to him.

When I explained my predicament, Bill’s brother said that his taxi was travelling right past the Regent’ Park address and that he would personally hand in my documents the very next day.

I wrote my examinations as planned.

Jesus can guide a person through difficult officialdom, even making “seeing eyes blind”, as Brother Andrew explained his not being arrested when smuggling Bibles into communist countries, despite occasions when his stash of Bibles was “seen” by border officials, who somehow simply let him through.

Here is a similar but more prolonged account of Ron Dick’s dealing with border officials. Ron had earlier received definite guidance from Jesus to go from America to Zimbabwe. However, he had spent time in prison previously in the USA, which was where he had converted to Christianity in fact. But now, before being allowed to enter Zimbabwe, Ron faced immigration forms asking whether he had ever been convicted of a crime.

Being a Christian, I answered truthfully, giving all details. After apparent confusion on behalf of the immigration officer, I was allowed into the country.

Two days later I was telephoned and told to report immediately to the local immigration office. There I was told that I was not permitted to remain in the country and was given seven days to leave. My criminal record was, of course, behind this ruling. However, I considered seven day’s grace long enough for Christ to have influenced it! What to do now, though?

I flew to the capital city and went straight to the main immigration office. They were also adamant. Again, I was told I must leave.

Next, I tried a lawyer, and he held out no hope at all. Several times he told me it was impossible for me to remain in the country — each time I heard the word “impossible” a verse of scripture rang increasingly powerfully in my heart, “All things are possible to him who believes” (Mark 9:25, Jesus speaking).

Ron won many extensions over the years allowing him to stay. “I know that nothing can move me while Christ still wants me here, he has proved that already.” In fact, Ron completed a long and very fruitful Christian ministry in Zimbabwe before returning of his own volition and timing to America.

Speaking of ministry, Ron and many others have been guided in some situations as to what to say that will help people, or even how to pray for others with certain problems or medical conditions. This guidance deserves a Post of its own that I hope to fit in soon.