I agree with what Paul Kelly wrote in the respected Australian newspaper regarding the plebiscite being held there on same-sex marriage and think it bears repeating:

“Marriage equality is an ideology and ideologies, by nature, do not settle for compromise victories. As Benjamin Law says in Quarterly Essay: Moral Panic 101: “It might be stating the obvious but same-sex marriage is far from the final frontier in the battle against homophobia.” The struggle will continue — in schools and in institutions. Law says the two biggest LGBTI issues are Safe Schools and same-sex marriage.

The aim is to introduce Safe Schools across the country and make it compulsory.

The pretence by Yes case politicians that the plebiscite (on gay marriage) has no consequences for the Safe Schools program treats us like fools.

Legislation of same-sex marriage will tilt the scales decisively in this struggle between sexual rights and religious freedom. This legal and cultural change will influence decision-makers everywhere — public servants, corporates, media and educational institutions.”

I have three “big picture” main points to make in this post:

1. If you have tried to watch “Safe-Schools” lessons in progress, you are unlikely to have actually reached as far as the classroom — once seen as a right of parents in schools I taught in. If you have, you will have been shown a deceptive, sanitized version of what children and grandchildren will have been receiving. If you value the children and their futures, ask them constantly what they have been taught in the sex lessons. You may also have been frustrated at not accessing ALL the curriculum materials for the year to be taught to the children. Why all this unprecedented secrecy? It is part of the attempt to diminish the effect of family bonding and guidance for the children, which is something that the enemies of family influence have been working at for the last 60 years or so. As discussed previously, civilised society is supported by a number of pillars. “Safe Schools” is only one more initiative along the long road to achieving the collapse of the pillar of heterogeneous family life and parenting.

2. During my teaching career, I was required a number of times to translate a new curriculum into programs and lesson guidance for other teachers. The new curriculum was often the brainchild of some educationalist wishing to make a name for himself or herself, although some curriculum changes were on occasion worthwhile. However, I was amused and sometimes frustrated by a common fault — the blurb to announce the new curriculum to the press, conferences, schools and parents was always very different to the actual material in the coursework!! The gap was especially large when comparing the proclaimed “new” and more radical “aims and objectives” of the new curriculum to what was actually going to happen in the classroom!! The blurb as fed to the press and stakeholders such as parents and pollies was just a work of fiction!! I used to estimate well above 90% of that blurb was simply not met by what happened in the classroom!! It is the same with the “Safe Schools” blurb — it may sound good, fair, helpful and honourable, but what has been reported to me as happening in the classrooms is anything but!! I doubt whether even 5% in this case of its fictional “good intentions” matches the material and lessons taking place in the classroom. It is time for families to become proactive in stopping this insanity before it is too late — one thing is to call your politicians to account — what have they investigated about what actually happens in the classrooms, beyond the deceptive blurb that they will have swallowed to date because they live such “busy lives” that truly vital issues are sacrificed on the altar of the expedient?

3. A big part of the blurb has claimed that “Safe Schools” is designed to stamp out bullying in schools, which every teacher and every parent abhors and even fears. This is a fine aim, but has little to do with the content of the “Safe Schools” program, which instead is designed to sexualize children early when they are most easily influenced and groomed. For what reason are they being groomed sexually? I will definitely tackle this critical question in my next post when I will be back in Australia and able to do so properly. But first let’s discuss bullying in schools, which is hateful and needs to be tackled vigorously, as I and teaching colleagues tried to do but which has become more vicious in recent years. One boy in my tutor group tragically committed suicide, but the reason was family issues and nothing to do with sexual issues — and he certainly was not gay! Others such as girls self-harming have had more complex issues than that boy, but in the cases I have known the disgusting bullying that contributed to the self-harming had nothing to do with same-sex issues. Bullying for same-sex issues certainly takes place and needs to be confronted, taught against, and dealt with firmly each time it raises its ugly head, but it must be tackled as just one part of the global bullying that takes place in schools. Bullying occurs for many other issues that also need to be taught against comprehensively and not simply glossed over, issues such as physical looks, clothing (mainly girls), romantic interests, body shape (very common), low intellect, racism, physical or mental disabilities, lack of sporting prowess, family background etc etc etc. I could provide you with detailed examples: I remember standing against “Pakky bashing” on playground duty in London to protect Pakistani immigrant children from obnoxious and violent bullying from other students. Cameras on mobile phones and messaging on social media are sadly turning bullying, including pre-arranged fights even between girls, into a sport in some schools. What we have here is a massive and growing problem, so why give the gay sexual bullying which is a small component in the overall picture such overriding attention in “Safe Schools”? The answer is simple: “Safe Schools “ does not have bullying as its main target at all! That is its shocking pretence, and is the lie fed to the press, pollies and families. The true purpose of “Safe Schools” is social and sexual engineering of young children, grooming them for an oversexualized and manipulated future favouring gay sex. This grooming and engineering will not turn out well for them or society as a whole. It is time for all parents and grandparents, gay or straight, to act against this mass deception before it is too late. And by the way, a number of gays who have a concern for the children in their own extended families, and what the future is starting to look like for those children, agree with me.


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