I watched 14 police officers take down a one-legged homeless Black man outside Twitter HQ
Chaédria LaBouvier

This video is extremely disturbing. Let’s try to analyze it in a rational way.

- The man in question does not appear to be armed. Why are there 14 police men dealing with this situation? Most of them are standing around seemingly for no other reason than preventing others from seeing this or filming this.

- The man has a prosthetic leg. Why is he being pinned down in full force knowing that he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to?

- The man has handcuffs. He couldn’t even HURT anyone if he wanted to.

- The man seems fairly peaceful and polite. Why does this go on for so long?

- The man is partially nude and surely ashamed to be pinned down like that in public. Why do they only cover him up when this obvious fact is shouted at them?

Absolutely nothing about this seems right. We don’t know why he was targeted. Even if the man had drugs on him or was under the influence, there HAS the be a better to deal with this.

I think being a police officer has to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. I always try to keep that in mind, but I’m interested in the facts. There is just no way in hell that this is how police should be dealing with this situation.

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