If anyone expects to get results but they’re only willing to put in the equivalent of a 9–5 they may aswell give their dream to some else who is willing to hustle more for it.

Ivan Siladji
Apr 10, 2015 · 2 min read

There is just no way that life will give you everything you can possibly milk out of it if you are going to do s*#t half arsed. Don’t waste your time or the time of others. If on the other hand your are dead set on getting results then you are in for a hell of a lot of work. The flip side is… you get more in life than those who settle for average.

Why the rant?

I just finished publishing a new post outlining a killer process for getting results now that we are in the second quarter. You can read it here if you like, as I said, it’s a killer post. Back to point though… I provided a quote in it which simply read — There is formula for success — it’s called work! It struck a chord in me because altough the process describes an actual stratergy for really getting results, it’s fool proof if you actually follow the steps, the entire thing is based on hustle, grind and sweat equity as I have so heard it called before.

Dream chasers are a dime-a-dozen. Too many people want to be successful, want to be called entrepreneurs, want results, but so few are willing to put in the damned effort to get them. They would like to get results. But it stops there. You earn s*#t in life. It’s 2015 and everyone is chasing the dream now. You just have to run harder and faster to get there. The question is — how hard will you hustle?


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Ivan Siladji

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'EAR-varn' 🤓. #Writer. #Blogger. Official Nerd. DC Comics Fan. Scientist. Father. Memoirist. Multipotentialite. Kindness is everything.

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