Thoughts on design and life, in alphabetical order

Once upon a time, I did an exercise — writing the first thing that came into my mind — a statement starting with each letter of the alphabet. The statements were related to design and life in general. Then, a few years later, I created a simple typographic illustration or animation for each statement. Now, I will explore some of the possible meanings of those statements, starting with the first three letters of the alphabet.


The verb play is defined as:

From CSS to GIF

This amazing GIF was found here

We liked the idea of having an animated cover for our publication. Medium does not allow users to fully customise the publication layout, but you can still play around with some visual elements to achieve original results and make your publication stand out.

In this article, we are going to show you how we created our animated publication header. We are also going to share some tips and guidelines on using GIF files on Medium.

GIFs on Medium publications

Medium allows you to upload two images to your publication header: one is the background image, and the other one is the logo image.

Ivan Vuksanov

Designer focused on experiences and interfaces.

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