Captain J. Taylor & The takeoff of Dreamkers

Posted on 18 Mayo, 2013 by Iva in Creative, Design Thinking, Entrepreneur, Innerpreneur, Innovation, Inspiration, Life, Motivation, On the clouds, Passion, Social Impact, Visual thinking.

So, this is how “Dreamkers” got started.

5.30am. May 18, 2013. Oh, Jesussssssssssss!!!! I fell asleep!!! Damn it, I’m gonna missed the plane!…

Had a flight at 7.10am and thanks to 33 calls from my lovely brother, 2 minutes shower and a risky empathic taxi I managed to catch my flight [Barcelona-London-Chicago].

Seated already on seat 15C, Brittish airways flight number 477; my heartbeat finally started to slow down… suddenly the nicest and friendly voice of an airplane captain said: Good Morning passengers, it is going to be a sunny beautiful day!

With that line, how you don’t put a smile on your face!? :)

His name was James Taylor (found it thru Robert — a kind flight attendant), the most charming pilot ever! I’ll never forget how his voice inspired me and made me put on practice one of the best advice someone ever gave me

“Everything that goes thru your head, write it down! don’t let a single thought slip away”.

So I Did. In that flight, I wrote the company of my dreams. My drive was clear: Want to help people to solve problems with fun-to-do tools, to spread my passion, my love to enjoy life and to design awesome experiences. In Greece they have this amazing word “kefi”, to embrace their kefi.

Of course, the how-to has been mutating while I have been adapting it to reality, but my why is very solid, I will dare to say an innerpreneur, as Tara described here is coming to life, her work is very inspiring to me. One of my notes said: “

To create the job of your dreams you have to make it happens, build it”….

DING! On top of the English Channel, my epiphany moment occurred = Dreamers + makers = Dreamkers. For me, this name frames up everything that moves me.

As soon as we landed, I looked for the pilot, shake his hand (it was a must!), told him how inspiring he was. Thanks to him I finally got a pencil and started writing the beginning of this adventure called: “I need to make a change in my life!”. Was the least I could do.

Of course, the compulsive domain-buyer inside me bought while I was on the bus doing the flight connection to Chicago.

Gaby — a social media genius — said on one of her famous quotes: Passion, is what converts dreams into reality.#FACT.

Tags: creative, design thinking, entrepreneur, innerpreneur, innovation, inspiration, life, motivation, on the clouds, passion, social impact, visual thinking

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