Maybe people just want to do something different…

I’ve been reading this phrase a lot lately: “People Don’t Leave Bad Companies, They Leave Bad Managers”.

While it might be true in a lot of cases I’m pretty sure there are people that love their company and their coworkers and their managers but hate their job — OK, not necessarily hate it but would like to try or focus on something new.

For phrases like the above I’ve seen people feeling “obligated” to keep a job that while they don’t hate it, is not taking them where they want to be or fulfilling their expectations. It’s that “moral” obligation of being nice with a manager or coworkers or a company that keep a lot of people attached to a job that they don’t like or want to do and you end up not being nice to yourself. Sadly, there are times when none of them are going to be “nice” to you and will hurt more — and perhaps there’s nothing they can do to avoid not being nice even if they try hard.

Leaving a good manager when you have a job that is not what you want to do sucks, but even that person will understand you and probably encourage you to go on with your next step. Good managers will get it and will help you move on. Most importantly, probably you’ve learned a lot from that manager already and you’ll see life and your career differently and will make a difference in your next job.

If you love your job, love your coworkers and love your manager, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are one lucky person.