Ivan the Clumsy

My name is Ivan, a graduate student pursing a masters in economics. I cannot remember if I was walking back home from work where I decided to write down everything that happens to me during my graduate career. i thought it would be weird of having a journal but I would like to remember as I grow older of the things I did that day. So there is a reason why the title is “Ivan the Clumsy” but we will get there. So I will start my journey….(By all means, I am not the best writer at all. I know I have some grammatical errors throughout this passage. I’m just writing this so I can look back and see what I did that day.

Tuesday, August 29, 2016

I was surprised to be up at 6:40am today. I was up late talking to this girl on the phone. Her name is December (Not really her name but thats the month I met her, not really a clever name but oh well.) We talked for an hour or so. Catching up with life and all. Although we were in the same program, cinema and photography department. After waking up, got changed and decided to walk to campus instead of waiting for the bus. By the time the bus arrived, I wouldve been close to the student center. On my way to campus, I played Pokemon GO and finally hatched an egg….a Mewoth…

I got to the student center and decided to order a big breakfast meal at Mcdonalds. As I sat down and started eating my breakfast, I also started reading my articles. I shouldve read them a week ago. Then I met up with my roommate, J, and we sat for a few mins. We walked to the end of Fanner Hall and split. She went to class while I walked towards the library. As I enter the library, i decided to look at the shelves. I found this behavorial economics book and checked it out. I ran into my history professor, Dr. N, and just exchanged a few words. There was this girl at a table near the entrance of the library, she was there recuriting for members to join the Psychology club. There was lemon juice, so i donated $1 for a cup of lemon juice. I then went to my statistics class at Wham. (Lord help me)

As I sat in my statistics class, my professor was reviewing the same material she did last week Thursday. So i was falling asleep, but i did my best to keep myself awake. I continued reading my article from early morning before my second class. A few of my classmates were confused with the terminology. But I think they shouldve learn the basics in high school. But anyway, it was very boring. As I looked out the window, I see December. I was messaging her during class and told her that I saw her though the window. She didnt believe me at first. But it was funny seeing her rush to class. 2 hours later, my class was finally over.

I walked to the library since December and I agreed we were going to meet at Morris Library. I ran into my friend from marching band, Sean. He was trying to order a Harry Potter book online. I forgot he was a zoology major and asked him some questions about it. My friend December has been debating to changer her major from photography to zoology. She really enjoys being with animals. December is this beautiful girl who sometimes is afraid to approach things. I told her we were going to the advisement office and see what they were going to say about her change of major. We walked towards the science building, Neckers, assuming that the department would be there but turned out it was at Life Science building II. We walked through Thompson Woods and once we got to the third floor, it was lunch time. We waited for half an hour at a bench. We talked most of the time. Honestly, I really enjoy talking to her. She’s always catching my lies. She knows me well…mmm maybe not to well. Ha. Once 1:00pm hit, we walked into the advisement office and rude ass student workers said we needed an appointment. We left with an email note to email the adviser. We walked out the building and towards the library. As we walked towards the library, i somewhat slip as I was walking and almost fell. (This is why is name, ivan the clumsy) December went to the library while i went to the student center to get a drink. After getting a drink , I went to work at the student services building. I am the new graduate assistant for undergraduate admissions. My supervisor asked me to fill about 550 flashdrives of information for prospective students. I was so nervous because I thought i wouldnt have time to do my last minute homework. Go thing IT had this machine that takes about 12 flashdrive at a time and store the information. It took me about 2 hours to fill 550 flashdrives. I had an 1.5 hour before my class started. I went to Fanner computer lab, did the homwork and then went to my class that started at 5pm

During class, we discuss economics terms. My professor explained them OK, some of the key terms were defined well but i would expect that from someone with no economic background. We discussed about student loans and other economic issues within higher education. During class, December and I were messaging. I thought she went home but was still at the library after her 5pm course. So i asked her if she would wait for me once class ends. We met up by the clock tower and walked home together. After a certain point we split our ways to go home. December lives closer by me now. So that’s pretty cool.

I get home after getting some chinese food and sat my butt down as i watch Ted Talk videos. I then decided to start doing this blog and here i am, writing it. I will stop now as I am getting tired and that sums up my day.