Why I Think I Should Marry a Rich Man
Emma Lindsay

This was a great read that surmised today’s culture of “fake acceptance” and “non-existent” equality and respect. I have to say at least you get 3/4 of what your male counters make; try being a marginalized so-called protected minority female and only make 1/2 (because you know all of us just go and get on welfare and work the system — granted that doesn’t include the ones who can’t get on the system because they don’t have children by every Tom, Dick or Harry ape that comes along; or anyone else for that matter).

I can remember being called into large hiring scams by big corporations claiming to be helping people “in my position” (i.e., Black, breeder age and probably on welfare) simply to get the government kickback for hiring those “in my position”. Problem was I was on my second post graduate degree and had no children. I can also say I didn’t get hired once they found that part out.

I even once had a white male hug me because he was “proud” that I wasn’t a welfare mom. I had a doctor freak on me because I was still a virgin at 19 (my first pap test).

If I had known then that being someone’s trophy or at least a welfare mom would have gotten me a house; food on the table; and a car to drive I would have swallowed my pride (and theirs) and put up with the other horrible stereotypes placed upon women and women of color. Anything was better than the disrespect you receive even after getting all this BS education and going into the workforce and dealing with corporate and government facilitated CRAP!.

Keep writing it strong.