Want to be a successful worker? Realize that ALL workers are “self-employed”!

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When someone asked me why I had to work for myself and not do the “normal” thing and get a job to take care of myself I always laugh. Really? Do they honestly believe that owning your own business or being self-employed isn’t working for someone else?


Keep in mind that the term self-employed is sadly misused. Anyone that ever went to work was “self-employed”! In the end you are working for yourself, true statement.

Everyone that gets a “job” and does the “normal” thing is working for themselves. Think about it, who else are you working for? Yes you’ll come up with the “normal” excuses that you’re working to take care of your significant other or children blah, blah, blah…but at the end of the day; you went to work to get that significant other that you have those kids with.

Think back, did you go get your first job because you just wanted to flip burgers, or do retail or whatever your first job was because you just needed money? If that were the case after taxes you could have collected cans and bottles if all you wanted to do was make some quick cash. No, you took that first job because someone told you that you were being responsible and learning how to take care of yourself. So where did your mind immediately go?

You needed your sense of freedom — which for most is their first car. So you go to work and you buy your first car. Here’s the responsibility that no one clued you in on; owning anything means having to pay for its upkeep and maintenance. So along with buying you first car so you can zip about town to be seen also meant you needed to pay for insurance for that wreck you were inevitably going to have; it also meant buying gas so your car could go; also it meant oil changes, tune ups, fixing flat tires, and fan belts and whatever else broke down.

But you also needed someone to see you in your new ride; maybe that hot girl that would talk to you because you were on the bus. Now you can ride her around in style; or ladies you want to show that guy you’ve been eyeballing that you look cute in your new ride. Either way, now you’re on the hunt for someone to spend time with in your new car, which is fine but again you’re going to have to work more to support the social habits you and your new companion have. That means getting a second job or finding a better paying one.

Now you’ve stepped up your game and you want your own place. After all you want to be doing some “entertaining” and doing it at your parents’ crib isn’t cool — no matter how progressive they are. But you also know that getting your own place means more responsibility — utilities, furniture, and insurance, your own food on top of your petrol for your car and its maintenance and insurance. Wow, you’re still pretty normal but according to you and the general consensus you’re not self-employed. But when you step back you’ll realize that you are self-employed.

You are working for yourself; you are working to pay for your responsibilities — to create and maintain a “normal” life.

Now I digress, this article started off with my laughing at people who get in your face about being “self-employed” or “owning your own business”. These “normal” people are perfectly fine with claiming that you living that way doesn’t work because they can’t see the readymade debt you are amassing while trying to pay for your “responsible” life in normal land. They will put your efforts down and belittle you for not being like them and everyone else like them in their little 9–5 world.

However, they are also the same people that will show up with their hands out and ready to act like they’ve supported every one of your “entrepreneurial ventures” 110%.

Again I say, “REALLY?!”

Human nature is that way. Two-faced on the best of days — but that’s a conversation for another article. In this one I’d like to point out that no one that ever started their own company only works for themselves. They work for the consumers and clients that purchase their products or services! If you work for a corporation or franchise you don’t think about it since you’re at the bottom of that pyramid; but if you were the one who started it and at the top of that baby you’d be the one that knows the truth.

All people who start a business or become freelancers work to satisfy the masses. They are not just doing it for themselves. This is why they stress over bad products or poor quality services. This means the death of their business venture. See no consumers equals no money for the business — no money for the business equals no money for the business owner.

This is why I laugh when someone gets in my face about my being an independent business owner; I know that I’m not just working for myself; my efforts affect my consumers and clients. In retrospect I am selfish, but on a grander scale. You see my vision of “normal” is that I like to help others become selfish and fit into that self-serving population that goes to work and gets responsible — they just do it with a different “normal” in mind.

When you work for a company or franchise as an employee your employment with them is temporary and only lasts as long as it lasts…It’s the same way when you’re a business owner; you’re in business as long as you’re in business…