Why is Emotional Control the only Wayto Create the Reality We Want

You are the creator of your emotional reality right here and right now. And you have more leeway and more latitude and more control and more power than you have ever applied. Since you are having the control over your emotions, you have control over any other manifestation. Abraham Hicks

Several days ago I had to drive from Sanur to Seminyak to conduct two meetings and then join a third meeting in Ubud. The locals on Bali know, even though the physical distances between the cities are within the range of 50 km, the actual driving entails 4–6 hours.

The experience of driving such long distances on Bali is dreaded even by the most experienced, as it usually involves a lot of traffic jams, delays, slow moving, frustration…Try to imagine what heavy traffic must be like on small windy roads in Bali countryside with a lot of local activities interfering with the traffic (motorbikes driving in the opposite direction, dogs and chicken doing their business on the road, people crossing, village ceremonies, construction work, cars stopping in the middle of the road, etc).

So, I decided to make an experiment, and instead of entertaining the proverbial frustration and complaining — i set my intention to sing the entire time I drive.

I wanted to try to stay in the positive energy, in the high, as much as i can, and as little time feeling or expressing frustration by swearing or honking etc. And let me tell you what happened.

The results were amazing: during the 5 hours of my driving and stopping to do the chores MOST of the traffic lights were green. If there were traffic jams they dissolved fast and easy.

My conclusion is the following: I INFLUENCE THE WORLD AROUND ME WAY BY THE WAY I FEEL. (I DECIDE TO FEEL). SAME APPLIES TO YOU, YOU CAN CHOOSE HOW YOU FEEL and be the creator of reality you want.

Does it sound like a fairy tale? Maybe. A coincidence you may say. Hardly such a prolonged coincidence or luck in Bali traffic. When you are stuck in Bali, you are stuck. Why don’t you try it yourself…

Iva Tarle — is a life coach with training in NLP, Theta Healing and Reiki, and Yogi for 15 years. She left her career in diplomacy to help people live more in tune with themselves by teaching mindful living habits.


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