Vecter Magic — Any Image In Vecter Magic

Sometimes readers mail me with the question on what’s the best approach to trace logos or illustrations. They ask if I do it with the Pen tool. Yes, I do, but I have been using this tool for more than 15 years. So it’s safe to say I’m very routined. Still, there are certain situations that I wish there was a tool that could do the job for me. Let’s say on a occasion that you don’t have the time or budget to charge the time needed to redraw company logos that are delivered in jpeg or gif format. The Live Trace option in Illustrator isn’t bad, but it doesn’t give me the expected result on most try-outs (too many nodes or noisy result, path imperfections…) . Recently the developers of an application called Vecter Magic gave me the chance to test out their desktop app. Here is a short review…


Maybe the name rings a bell for you as it did for me? Yes, it is that online free web-app that started at Stanford University and got rave reviews online. Now they transitioned away from Stanford to explore the commercial route and build a desktop application with the technology.


In my opinion, Vecter Magic is a great tool if you want to save time in tracing flat colored artwork or if you need to convert a low resolution jpeg or gif into a vector illustration. It’s an easy tool to use as it is very user-friendly, and in my opinion, I would even say it is self-explanatory. Certainly after you’ve watched the 4 online movies. The application takes you through the logical steps that are needed to be able to provide you with the best possible results.