“Art Fair Philippines: An Experience”

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” -Henry David Thoreau
Proof of Attendance


Eliezer John Cabangon is the artist being exhibited by Artesan Gallery. He is renowned for his signature hyper-realistic oil paintings. In Artesan Gallery, there are 13 paintings created with the use of oil in canvas like Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy, Mario, Stitch, Patrick and Spongebob. His works recall his early childhood watching television immersed with popular characters. His works represents the loss of innocence and a future world of misfits. It means that these popular characters are slowly fading because of new gadgets today. Children today will not watch television instead they will play with their cellphones, tablets, computers and many more. It is sad to see that these children are no longer familiar to popular characters. I’m very lucky that I have grown up watching these popular characters. This is the most precious part of my childhood.

Here are some pictures at the gallery:

Special Exhibitions

In Raffy Napay’s special exhibition, there was a darkroom with glowing art made up of threads and fabrics. He created an image of father and son and also couples. The art works are glowing which make them very beautiful. As I entered the room, my cloth also glow in the dark and I’m really amazed. The artist made an extra-ordinary kind of art where all people can engage especially children who loved this kind of exhibit. I leave the room as a learned man because I have learned that there are many different materials that can be used to create unique art works aside from paints, pencils, colors etc.

Here are some photos at Napay’s exhibit:

Mark Justiniani’s special exhibition is my favorite. When I looked at one of his works, I thought it was only a long part of a cathedral being preserved. Then I went on the side and discovered that it was actually short. I’m really suprised of how it happened. I realized that everything was a result of lights and reflection. The artist caught my attention as I looked on the other works. He was really brilliant in creating deceptive art works. What a good idea!

Here are some photos at Justiniani’s exhibit:

Art Fair Philippines is something that I would look forward to next time. It was my first time to attend this kind of event and I’m glad and proud to be a part of this. It didn’t only showcased one of a kind works made by Filipinos but also it entertained viewers. I could say that it was very exciting, engaging and enjoying event that all people should attend. The overall vibe was very positive and relaxing. It was great to see that many people were there to witness and appreciate Philippines contemporary art. It was all worth the time and effort. I’m hoping to be a part of this event again for the following years.

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