IvendPay system was presented to the participants of the Skolkovo business school meetup at the Dubai Blockchain Center

Together with colleagues from the DMCC Crypto Center (DMCC — Dubai Free Economic Zone, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre), we told the audience from the Skolkovo Business School, Russia about the prospects for using cryptocurrencies in retail, the gaming industry and everyday life. Our esteemed friend Dr. Marwan Alzarouni CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center spoke about the role of cryptocurrencies in the systems of state and municipal government. We showed already working cases of integrating cryptocurrencies into vending machines and retail outlets. Vendors just need to connect the already installed equipment to the ivendPay payment system or purchase vending machines or POS-terminals with pre-installed ivendPay software.

Both directions: the use of cryptocurrencies when paying for services and in retail, contribute to the growth in the number of microtransactions of coins and thus increase their capitalization through involvement in the economy and business. This explains the high interest in integrating into such projects. The ivendPay payment system has more than 30 cryptocoins that are available to pay for goods and services around the world in locations where the ivendPay payment system is installed.

DMCC Crypto Center is a kind of hub for crypto business created in accordance with The Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021. The state supports the crypto market and sees the future in it. In accordance with this, it is going to make a heart and infrastructure from Dubai that will work with the whole world in this direction.

The Skolkovo Business School plans to expand cooperation with the DMCC Crypto Center and on June 13 will host the Global Shift Expedition. UAE — an offline expedition to test business hypotheses in the real conditions of entrepreneurial research. See you there! In the meantime, we will continue to communicate with businessmen and startups on how to integrate cryptocurrencies into their business in order to expand the solvent audience.
Use crypto in real life! Easy. Safe. Fast.

Crypto payment system for vending, retail & e-commerce

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Crypto payment system for vending, retail & e-commerce

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