My Experience at the Andela Boot Camp so far (Day 2)

It’s day 2 of the Boot Camp and I am almost overwhelmed. Today we had the second day of the home study session. At the home study sessions, we are expected to get learning materials ourselves and learn a number of skills to be applied in our project.

Today’s task was to learn about HTTP and Web Services. We were also required to work on our Professional Writing skill. The experience for me today was not too exciting as I didn’t go to Epic Tower today but stayed at home to work. However, I was still in touch with my team members on Slack.

About three hours ago, a message came in from one of the Boot Camp facilitators that the week will now end tomorrow (Thursday) instead of Friday, because of the public holiday. This has really put me on edge because I have not reached the milestones I set for myself yet. I’ll keep working and I’ve already made the decision to finish my application no matter what happens.

Yesterday, I forgot to share the highlight of my day because of my deadline. I saw a female developer in stilettos looking like a million dollars with her MacBook. I was so inspired because I’ve come to realize that female developers sometimes look too “developerish” (if I may improvise).

Most importantly, this Boot Camp has given me a hunger for real learning and has taught me to imbibe the culture of learning well and learning fast.

Thank you for reading.

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