My Experience at the Andela Bootcamp so far

It is Day 1 of the Andela Bootcamp, yesterday was day 0 because I’m a developer and I must use indexing ;). It has been an amazing experience.

Day 0: We had an On Site Learning Clinic where we actually watched videos and got materials on our output for the day. First of all, we were grouped into teams of 5 under a Learning Facilitator Assistant (LFA). However, we were made to own our learning so we weren’t lectured throughout the day but were left to learn by ourselves. We watched videos on Growth Mindset, Seeks Feedback, Programming Logic and Test Driven Development (TDD). At the end of the day, we had a question and answer session with our facilitators. We were also given snacks and lunch. Luckily for me, I was able to meet the deadline for my output submission. I had a challenging but great time.

Day 1: We had a Home Study Session and were required to learn Object Oriented Programming Concepts and Writing Professionally. We were also required to continue work on our project. Epic Tower was open to us for use and I came in to work alongside 2 of my team members. I was able to meet up the deadline for my OOP ouput, my blog post… This has been the most challenging day for me.

Although this is my most challenging experience yet, I am still having fun. I hope to continue trumping my challenges as I go on.

Thanks for reading.

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