We’re Proud To Be Agile

We think it’s helpful for our clients to understand how we work. After all, when we start a new project, we spend a lot of time asking questions about your business — questions that might not seem related to developing a mobile app, but that help us deliver a product that supports your business goals.

Given that, it makes sense that you might want to know how we operate, and how our process influences the way we develop your app. It’s an information exchange that helps us both, because it leads to the best outcome — an app that is tailored for you. We build apps using a hybrid approach that combines rigorous up-front planning with agile development.

Agile is more than just an adjective

We begin our planning process with the “waterfall” approach, which ensures that we collect the information we need to develop solid specifications and design parameters as the basis for our work. With that foundation, we adopt what’s called the “agile” method in the development phase.

In the software industry, agile can be a loaded word. Agile is a methodology that many development teams follow to build software. We incorporate it into our approach because it’s successful.

In dictionary terms, agile means “able to move quickly and easily”, and that’s how our development process works. It’s responsive and adaptable. We have a clear plan, but if new information comes to light that would improve the plan, we modify it. Throughout the process, our focus stays fixed on developing a product that functions the way you need it to.

Agile is a philosophy

Agile is about teamwork, transparency, and technical excellence.

In an agile development process, people working on different tasks talk to each other every day, and learn about interdependencies that could impact different parts of the project.

We also regularly check-in with our clients, and provide built-in opportunities for them to contribute new ideas and refine their vision. This creates a competitive advantage for them, because we can adapt to changes in their business environment.

The agile method also emphasizes communication and frequent testing. By taking an iterative approach, we can spot — and fix — issues faster. This means you can be confident that you’re getting a high-quality product that meets your needs.

Agile goes against tradition

More traditional development methods are process-oriented and linear, and always link back to the original plan. Tasks are assigned to teams that work in silos; new tasks don’t start until old ones are complete, and there is no backtracking. The final product is only revealed until the very end, when everything is pulled together.

In our experience, this doesn’t lead to the best apps, because it doesn’t reflect our customers’ day-to-day experience. Although we agree that having a carefully thought out plan is vitally important at the outset, the outcome is what matters most. Our approach makes our clients part of the process, so that the end product delivers what they need, even if their needs evolve during development. As we work, we share our progress with our clients, so we can be sure to meet their expectations.

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