Prep Guide to a Successful IVF Cycle — IVF Gangaram

By the time IVF is recommended, a couple has already gone through so much. There has been a long indefinite journey of wait, hope and disappointment, leaving them worn out and desperate. This leads to mental and emotional fatigue and physical exhaustion, which is not at all favorable for a successful IVF to happen. The couple has to be mentally and physically fit before undertaking the IVF treatment Center in Delhi. The implantation and growth of a healthy embryo in the mother’s uterus through IVF is complex. It is important for the aspiring parents to understand the process of IVF and plan their treatment accordingly. The chances of conceiving through IVF treatment cannot be predicted, as the factors that can affect the success of the treatment, like age and reproductive health, vary from person to person.

Therefore, proper preparation before IVF is needed to increase the chances of a successful cycle, to trim down the side effects from fertility drugs and help the mother’s body recover quickly afterward.

· Diet and nutrition: Diet plays an essential role in the well-being and thus in the whole IVF cycle. Try to maintain a balanced consumption of omega 3 fatty acids and folic acid supplements. Both of these help in improving embryo morphology and health of the fetus, respectively, during the IVF treatment. A preferred diet includes foods rich in nutrients that are specifically good for hormonal function, production and balance, egg health, sperm health and much more. Opt for high-quality foods that are good sources of iron, potassium, and magnesium. Try to eat plenty of green vegetables, fruits and include a variety of calcium and protein sources. Avoid using caffeine as much as possible.

· Mental and spiritual health: Sleep is an indispensable part of our total health. A healthy sleep cycle calls for at least eight to ten hours of sleep at night. Sleeping in a dark, cool room helps improve your body’s melatonin production, which helps in healthy follicle development. Include meditation to keep your mind and body calm. A clear mind fills you with peace and which ultimately makes your IVF journey enjoyable and peaceful. The other ways to feel healthy are stress management classes, relaxing music, and other mind/body techniques.

· Physical fitness: Prepare your body well, for the big changes to come. Do a small amount of exercise every day. If you are overweight or in a poor physical state, it can impact the chances of conceiving during an IVF cycle. Obesity in men has negative effects on sperm motility and erectile function. Try gentle exercises like walking or yoga. It will set your body for IVF and also regulate the blood circulation. Heavy and intense exercises like running, jogging, or aerobics are a complete no.

· Plan ahead and ask a lot: Considering IVF is a big step. So, plan ahead. Think about all the major issues that are popping in your head. Be it anything from arranging finances to sharing the news with others, or anxiety about the future, note them all. Gather information, ask the specialists without hesitation. The more the couple understands about the procedure, the better you may feel. Read related articles and other reading materials about IVF.

· Emotional support: Family is not limited to blood ties. It includes everyone who cares for you and has earned your trust. Choose to spend quality time with your loved ones. It will help you stay relaxed before and after the treatment. You can also decide on counselling, joining an IVF Gangaram support group, or other infertility self-help organizations.