Benefits Of IVF Medical Injections


Medical injections as a method of IVF treatment are no new invention, but many patients are seeming to use them frequently, and some even may prefer them over other methods of IVF treatment. Most injections are just a one-time injection after using other IVF treatments, and are the final step to help attempting to induce pregnancy. Most injections are also very simple to use. They are just injected to the intramuscular or subcutaneous part of the body, and that’s it. Sometimes there is more than one injection required, but most are generally one injection to finalize the IVF process. Most medical injections are also used in conjunction with other forms of birth control to help the woman have the best chance of becoming a viable candidate to become impregnated.

What Kinds Of IVF Medical Injections Are There? Most medical injections are the pricier form of birth control, but yet have also been proven to be one of the most effective forms of IVF treatment. Injections are generally a one-time cost like the cost of pregnyl injections which comes in at $65.00 or the cost of ovidrel injection which comes in at $78.00 all the way up to costs of injection like Lupron which run about $570.00 for just one injection kit. The price of the IVF medications can depend on the ingredients, manufacturer, and the amount it costs to produce the injection. However, usually it’s a one-time cost to attempt to become pregnant using an injection, so it’s often more cost-effective than oral medications, which, while generally cheaper, sometimes have to be taken for long periods of time.

It’s simply a more expensive one-time treatment versus a cheaper, longer-term treatment. However, it is worth noting that many people have to take an oral medication for months or longer to “prime” the body for the ideal environment to be able to ovulate and produce a pregnancy. Oftentimes, couples who want to have the best chances of pregnancy will use both forms of IVF medication together to get the ideal results they want. Both medications done in cycles together often called “IVF cycles” often have the best chances of pregnancies.

IVF Injections Made Convenient:

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Injections are a very easy form of IVF treatment simply injected into the muscle or subcutaneous part of the body. Getting your injections delivered directly to your front door also makes it easier to get the medications you need in the time you need them. They are also not hard to use, and are quite user-friendly to do at home. If you are uncomfortable injecting yourself at home, you can always ask to do it in the presence of someone at the IVF clinic or a doctor’s office to ensure you do it properly. This is why IVF injections are so common. They work for many people, and can work for you, too!

IVF Success Story:

Erin & Josh* — Erin Remarried To John’s* Story:

Erin* assumed that marrying young assumed she could have a big family. Erin* meant a BIG family. Having a BIG family was something Erin* always dreamt of. Soon as Erin* began starting to try to get pregnant soon as her and Josh* got married. Erin* spent days and hours counting down till her next period every month to see when she could get pregnant, or if she would menstruate again. Erin* wasn’t really concerned the first few times she found herself not pregnant, however after a few months Erin became mildly annoyed that she couldn’t seem to conceive, so she decided to get some fertility tests done to ensure everything was OK.

Erin* got her tests done, and results began coming back. Everything seemed to be OK, nothing seemed out of place. Erin* didn’t find any causes until she called a doctor back from a pay phone that had called her earlier, but not left a message on her dead cell phone. Erin* was then given some news that there was a problem with her, and the doctor was very pessimistic she would even conceive, let alone have children.

Erin* remembers it was her 22nd birthday, and she cried the rest of the day. She tried to go back to work, but couldn’t. It was lunch break, and she had to call in sick at work and go home to be alone. Erin* spent weeks devastated at the news of her lack of fertility, and went to the library to try to learn about what she and Josh* could about how they might be able to get pregnant, and how to cope with the difficulty of having trouble conceiving. Josh* also played a massive role in Erin’s* coping as he told her that this was never her fault, and that he loved her no matter how many children they do or don’t ever have!

Erin* still felt no matter what Josh* said that she knew he had no idea what she was going through. Erin* tried the pills, but they didn’t work. Erin* moved on to the IUI treatment, but found them almost too painful to even continue the treatments. After a few rounds of IUI treatments, doctors realized that as Erin* said this was pointless. They allowed Erin* to move on to IVF treatment.

Erin* began IVF treatment, and her great-grandmother mad her livid by telling her “No big deal” in the little English she spoke about her not having children. Erin’s* great grandmother already had 10 great-grandchildren, and it didn’t matter to her if there ever more. That only made Erin’s* emotional issues so much worse, and she felt even worse.

Erin* had 13 eggs harvested soon thereafter, but only one was fertilized. They inserted it, and Erin* saw it split after 3 weeks. By now, Erin’s* problems were made worse by the fact that her friends were having or had had children by now. Erin* felt like everyone had a family but her. Erin* cited her best friends as extra-supportive, but her other acquaintances of theirs just brushed her off as paranoid, annoying, and ridiculous. Erin* soon started another treatment six months later, but those failed as well. Egg harvesting was not providing the results Erin* and Josh* desired. That much had now become clear.

Erin* switched medical centers to try treatment from somewhere new. This time it turned out to be a much better fit, and this center was a lot more comforting. Helpful, and caring. Erin* here learned how to give herself IVF injections at home, and then was given another embryo transfer. 18 days later Erin* had positive pregnancy tests coming back. After only 10 weeks of progesterone shots, Erin* found out she was pregnant. This mean Erin’s* first daughter was born just a little over 4 years after she began seeking IVF treatment, and trying to get pregnant.

Having a baby reignited Erin’s* passion not only to have children, but to have the BIG family she always dreamt of. Erin* was not about to let the dream of a large family die without a fight. Erin*, with a renewed vigor, returned to more IVF treatment. The next round of treatment led to 8 more embryos. Erin* and Josh* froze 4 embryos and 4 more implanted. Another failure with the implanted embryos led the doctors to pull Erin’s* frozen embryos being used. Surprisingly, the frozen embryos successfully got Erin* pregnant. Not only did Erin* get pregnant, but she delivered twins. By the time Erin was a mother of 3, and still labeled “severely infertile”.

Josh* soon started not seeing the point of Erin* wanting to have more children, and that led to their divorce. It was 5 years till Erin* had more children as she broke up with Josh*, divorced, met John*, and then married John*. John* was open to having more children, so Erin* went back to IVF treatments. Erin* had her next daughter Jocelyn*, her first child with John* on March 25th, 2015. Then while Erin* was still pushing Jocelyn* around in a stroller, Erin’s* next dream came true when she went back for more IVF treatment, and 5 months after the birth of her daughter Jocelyn*, Erin* was pregnant again. Erin* always dreamed of pushing a stroller while pregnant again came true. On March 5th, 2006 Erin had her 5th child, a daughter named Cassidy*. Along with the child John* had from his past marriage, Erin* and John* were now parents to 6 children, 3 under the age of 5.

At this point, John* pleaded with Erin* to please stop having children. John* of course loved all their children very much, but was at the end of his proverbial rope with 6 children in the house. Erin* agreed that they had done enough! Erin* finally had her dream of a large, happy family, and John* was a wonderful father both to his children and hers alike that he soon later adopted as his own! Erin* encourages anyone to go get IVF treatment that wants a family. Despite what she learned was later aminiocentesis (low amino acid levels), Erin* couldn’t be more grateful for the last IVF clinic she went to, and the man she has married in John* that gave Erin* the life she wanted and deserved.

*names have been changed to respect the family’s privacy

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