How Does Ovidrel Work?


Many people are confused when looking for an IVF treatment or combination of treatments that may be right for them. That’s understanding as there are so many options out there. However, here at we believe it’s vital that a doctor or a certified IVF clinic is involved ensuring you get the PROPER medications for the condition that you are experiencing. It’s also vital to ensure that you are not taking any combinations of IVF medications that might have countereffects to each other, and cause more side-effects to the user that may be adverse in nature. One of the many options you have as an IVF patient is oviderel, and it can be taken by both males and females to increase the couple’s chance of conceiving.

How Does Ovidrel Work?

Upon hearing that, the first question one would ask is: How does ovidrel work? Ovidrel works like many other IVF injections as it is based off of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which helps stimulate the ovaries to produce mature eggs that have a better chance at being fertile than the woman’s eggs would be without the additional hCG offered by taking injections of ovidrel 6500 IU hCG. This same medication can help increase the sperm count in men to help the woman become impregnated. 
 Ovidrel 6500 IU hCG works by helping provide the body with extra hCG that otherwise may be missing. Low hCG levels can result in the couple struggling to produce a healthy pregnancy that lasts to term. Ovidrel is also useful in the sense that it can help both men and women increase the couple’s collective chance of becoming impregnated. Ovidrel 6500 IU hCG not only helps the eggs and sperm become mature, but it also helps them be released so that an embryo is much more easily formed. This, generally along with the other aforementioned forms of IVF treatment, can help greatly increase the chances the couple has of a successful pregnancy.

Obtaining Ovidrel 6500 IU hCG:

To obtain your Ovidrel 6500 IU hCG, you will need either a prescription from your doctor or a certified IVF clinic to ensure you are receiving the proper medication. You can order your Ovidrel 6500 IU hCG online at Our ovidrel uses the main active ingredient of Choriogonadotropin Alfa, and was made by the company Serono in the country of Switzerland. Our amazing, discounted price of $73.00 per single vial of 250 mcg/0.5ml medication comes from ordering mass quantities from the manufacturer, and then passing those savings on to our customers.


In a world of so many choices of IVF medications to choose from ovidrel is a great option as it can be taken by both men and women. The Ovidrel Injection Cost is lower than many other injections for IVF medications, therefore making it a more feasible option for many couples that need additional hCG hormones added to their bodies, but are also on a set budget. Ask your doctor or certified IVF clinic if Ovidrel 6500 IU hCG may be right to help advance your pregnancy.

IVF Success Story:

Jen* was not an unusual story at the local IVF clinic when she came in seeing about the possibility of starting a new family, but the difference for Jen* was that she first entered the facility at age 45. Yes 45. Many clinics wouldn’t even entertain helping someone over the age of 40 as fertility levels drop significantly in middle life, but Life IVF Center in Irvine, California was not one of those such facilities. Jen* and her husband Todd* were not an abnormal story as they married later in life, but still desired to have biological children of their own.
 Jen* stated that she first sent in for her initial consultation with Dr. James*, and from the first appointment on Dr. James* was approachable, knowledgeable, and confident with Jen’s* situation, and even more confident that he could help the couple achieve their dreams. Dr. James* offered Jen* and Todd* the options that the clinic offered, and allowed them to understand what their options were. Jen* stated that she felt no pressure to make one choice or another, or to rush her decision, but just felt support and were given information to make the choice that was right for them.
 Jen* stated that she sensed empathy and compassion from Dr. James* from the moment she stepped into his office. Dr. James* said that frankly, Jen* and Todd’s* chances were not the greatest at their age, but at the same time that if they wanted to try to have a family he was willing to help them try. To make a long story short, Jen* and Todd* opted for a simple method of minimal stimulation IVF treatment, and had a total of 6 eggs harvested and all were fertilized. 5 of those made it to the blastocyst stage, a couple even to the 4AA and 4AB stages, but all ultimately failed. Jean*, the embryologist always called herself the “embryo-sitter” because her entire job was to ensure that the patient received healthy embryo implants to try to help them conceive. Jen* states that despite the several failed attempts, that Jean* does excellent work with ISCI, and that she was grateful for Jean’s* help in trying to make her and Todd’s* dream of having a biological family of their own reality. 
 After that round of IVF treatment didn’t work, Jen* still felt hope after how well she was treated by the staff and decided to go back for a second round of treatment to try again. After transferring 2 eggs from Jen and Todd’s* first cycle, Jen* wound up pregnant with a singleton. Jen* had a perfect 10-week ultrasound check, and the entire pregnancy went smoothly to birth a healthy, happy baby. Jen* and Todd* left the clinic with only one regret: wishing they had used this specific transferring treatment much earlier on before losing all the other eggs she lost.
 After a 2-year hiatus from the clinic, Jen* returned desiring to have another child, this time at age 47. Life IVF Clinic was there to welcome Jen* and Todd* back with open arms. Jen* decided this time to go with minimal stimulation for a pregnancy due to her personal beliefs and increasing age. All the aides at the clinic were becoming like family to Jen* at this point, as she was there constantly for updates, treatments, and IVF stimulation. Jen* states that while everyone has different experiences that she never expected the help, hope, and support she received while at Life IVF Clinic. It was incredible, and kept her strong throughout the entire process, and gave her the hope to try a second time.
 Jen* states that the billing department was also very understanding of her and Todd’s* financial limitations during the second cycle after they spent a great deal on the first round of treatment. They even set up payment plans that Jen* and Todd* could afford to help Jen* continue receiving treatment. Needless to say, it was a matter of weeks before Jen* found herself once again in the state she wanted to be: PREGNANT! The second birth was also a healthy success for Jen*.
 Jen* states that her and Todd* are done having children now, and are satisfied with the two beautiful children that the Life IVF Clinic helped them have. They are endlessly grateful for the love, support, and care that the facility offered throughout both processes, and the amazing understanding and flexibility they continue to extend as Jen* and Todd* finish paying off the fees they owe from their last round of treatment. 
 ***Names were changed to respect the privacy of the individuals who shared their story!

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