Is Ovidrel The Same As HCG?


Two of the common IVF medications that are available through injections those include HCG and Ovidrel. Many people wonder what are the difference between these two medications? Let’s take a look at that on a little bit of a deeper level in this article so you understand the similarities and differences.

HCG & Ovidrel: The Same Or Different?

Generally speaking, both HCG and Ovidrel are similar drugs and perform similar tasks when injected into the body. HCG is found in Ovidrel, so they perform similar functions. HCG or Ovidrel Ovulation cause women who need help stimulating their ovaries to have the ability to produce mature eggs that are required to help the egg receive the oncoming sperm to help it become fertile and to help impregnate the woman which is the ultimate goal of taking these hormones. HCG injection price will run about $78.00 for 250 mcg / 0.5 ml on which is about a 50–75% discount over other brick-and-mortar pharmacies that you will find elsewhere.

HCG & Ovidrel Cost:

HCG injections fertility cost can be very expensive as can any fertility drug for IVF treatment, but is here to help make that cost more affordable by ordering in massive quantities from drug manufacturers before passing that savings on to you as our valued customer. HCG injection fertility cost can be quite high, but they can provide many benefits to helping women reach hormonal balances that they need to become pregnant in the first place.


HCG and Ovidrel function in similar ways, and perform the similar task of helping the woman ovulate to produce mature eggs that have a better chance of taking on the sperm when they make contact. This helps increase the chances that the woman will become pregnant. It will also increase the chances that the woman will be able to produce eggs that are mature enough to create an embryo to help begin a new life which is the reason for the treatment to begin with.