IVF Cycle 1, Day 2 — Hot Flash

Nothing remarkable to report, just felt more sweaty than normal: had to keep knocking the A/C down in the house. The hotness was most profound as I did my hamster wheel thang at the gym this afternoon. Not really sure if all that is the hormones or just me being Sweaty McSweaterson in this heat we’re having.

Gonna give myself another round of shots tonight and reward myself with leftover cherry cobbler.

Oh, I suppose I should say that my period we thought would start by now hasn’t. Goddamn, this uterus’ days are numbered. The minute I have some damn babies (or we conclude that babies are not possible), I am having it fucking removed. Goddamn thing is nothing but trouble: all it does well is make fibroids and dispense fucked up menstrual cycles. No one understands uteruses (uterii?) anyway: they call ’em “The Dark Organ.” Like that goddamned Jim Henson movie with Muppets but not as nice.

Shit: was that a mood swing? That came on quick.

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