Палави числа навсякъде.

Все по-често срещам неудобно или откровено грешно изписани числа и дати. Бърз преглед на новинарските сайтове и електронните магазини показва съзвездие от различни формати за изписване на работно време, цени, телефонни номера и т.н. …

Нека си го кажем направо. Повечето хора са неграмотни. За съжаление уебдизайнерите също сме хора, затова правилно оформеният текст е сигурен начин да отличим своя дизайн сред морето от сбъркани пълни членове, двойно подравнени параграфи и small-caps извращения.

Гòвори ми на български

Първа и задължителна стъпка във всички графични програми на Adobe е да…

Kinda boring.

No, it doesn’t. It’s just a color. And please stop using it on every design event site.

Recently a friend called from a new phone number, so I decided to add it to her existing contact. What appeared on the phone label selection screen terrified me.

I don’t know a single person who has a home fax. What is a radio phone? Are pagers still operational? Using a phone in the car is kinda forbidden. I know about 7 people who still have a fax number on their business card.

Apple is known for being radical in their design — they were the first to start removing obsolete ports from their computers, then make giant transitions from OS9 to OSX and from PowerPC to Intel CPU architecture. Now there are rumors about even removing the phone jack in the next iPhone…

How can you design for the future and still support such anachronisms?

Change is irreversible.

October 2012

Lately I’ve been experimenting with a custom dark theme on my computer. As a result of mismatched color schemes and some interface modifications, programs show text and background with same color. And there I am, stuck with this dialog window.

But even without any words it is still pretty clear.

A picture’s worth more than its weight in words, it seems.

November 2013

Ivan Ginev

Bulgarian graphic designer. Small business owner. Father of two. Casual cyclist and gamer.

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