Digital hygiene habits 🛀🏻

At some point of my digital life, I was fed up with an overwhelming amount of files, emails, messages, any other digital artifacts. My mind was just unable to deal with them and it affected my productivity. Even just seeing these items each day consumes a lot of your energy.
It took me several months to get used to these new habits but it worth it. So my daily digital hygiene habits:

  • Zero Inbox in Mail : trash unneeded mail, unsubscribe if you don’t really read that newsletter, archive mail you don’t need to react to. It’s quite a huge topic, you can read more here.
  • Almost Zero messages: remove SMS/iMessages/Facebook Messenger/whatever from banks, e-commerce, with a temporary access code to services, spam message, temporary conversations etc. When do you need to get back to them last time?
  • Zero Desktop: treat your computer Desktop as a real working desk. Store only files you need for current task and remove them each morning/evening or when the task is finished. You can get an additional benefit of empty Desktop — enjoying gorgeous wallpapers.
  • Zero Tabs in Browser: one window with tabs in Browser for one task you’re working on. When you finish task, close that window. If you’re afraid of loosing websites you been to, don’t worry. Browser’s history keeps track of everything. With Zero Tabs habit you get an additional benefit: a faster computer. Treat opened websites as real applications, they consume as much computer resources.

If you have other digital hygiene habits please feel free to share them in comments. And lets keep our digital life clean!