Tiny Mac apps I use daily

Vera Tkachenko
Sep 20, 2017 · 2 min read
Apps, apps, apps

These little friends make one function, but do it great:

Next Meeting

It shows your meeting in Menu Bar. Interesting approach is that it shows how much time do you have till the next meeting. It’s completely changed understanding of time for me.


I’m a great fan of this little fox. It allows you to grab a screencast as a GIF. Really useful for quick bug reporting. We at MacPaw even attach it to JIRA tickets.


A bit geeky one, but useful for security. It continually monitors common locations and displays an alert whenever a component (login item, background agent etc) is added to the OS.


It allows you to keep log of all you Cmd + C .By pressing Option + Cmd + V you can paste from up to 500 clipboard history. It looks ugly and outdated, but does it’s job and does it fast.


At first I was skeptical about an idea of dimming all windows except the key one. But after trying it for several day and can’t imagine my work without this dimming. Productivity increased a bit. Really!

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