RestHuman — Simple secure app for API management + testing for humans

RestHuman is a simple secure app for API Management + Testing For Humans with features such as GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE requests, custom request headers, raw and form data body. It uses blockstack for authentication and Gaia for secure encrypted storage.

The Blockstack Network stores application data using a storage system called Gaia. Transactional metadata is stored on the Blockstack blockchain and user application data is stored in Gaia storage. Storing data off of the blockchain ensures that Blockstack applications can provide users with high performance and high availability for data reads and writes without introducing central trust parties. With gaia storage user is in control of their own data.

I just launched RestHuman on product hunt today (


-> GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE requests.
-> Custom request headers.
-> Raw and Form data body.
-> View highlighted response.
-> View response headers.
-> Ctrl+Enter sends request.
-> Private mode
-> Share/Import requests.
-> Secure encrypted storage for API requests powered by blockstack login + gaia storage

My name is Viraj Anchan!

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