A true DevOps detective drama

Recently, I have developed an application to aid with manual quality inspections in the automotive industry. Amdax is currently used in a pilot project within a supplier to Skoda Auto in Mlada Boleslav who is running a round-the-clock assembly line for bumpers for the Skoda Karoq car.

Inspecting the bumpers at the factory floor

While implementing the application in production I faced a problem with uploads of photos to the server which I managed to resolve after a series of measures, introducing an idea of an operational log into the application along the way. …

How to setup Java Melody in a Clojure Ring application

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

I use Java Melody to monitor my Java web applications. If you do not boast a dedicated monitoring infrastructure, Java Melody offers a convenient solution. It’s a Java library that gets embedded within your web app and connects to a servlet container to monitor HTTP calls and to a JDBC datasource to monitor JDBC calls and can be attached to application functionality in between by the means of an aspect.

Once setup properly, it collects long-term data about your application and presents a graphical overview on your backend app’s URL…

Why would anyone bother with writing FSD on agile project?

Is Functional Specification Document an obsolete thing of the past? Or is there any point at all to bother with writing it? Is it a documentation chore that adds nothing meaningful to an agile project? Or could it actually help us with software development?


FSD is a fundamental enabler of team’s agility.

Sounds ridiculous? Read on to find out.

This is a fictional story.

Although completely made-up, its goal is to illustrate faithfully the process of discovering the system requirements.

It takes a domain that many readers might find…

Ivo Maixner

Worked on sw dev projects in all the roles since way too long ago. Seen a fair share of languages and technologies. Always tries to help the team work better.

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