As an engineer (or an aspiring one) you will be faced with several controversial situations when looking for a new job.

Being an engineer as well, I have been in the same boat as you. And I had to develop some little tricks to overcome some difficulties that would eventually appear in my job search.

Today I want to share them with you along with some other thoughts on how to face these kinds of situations. This might even be helpful for recruiters or interviewers to help them understand which points they might get better in their process as well.

So let me start…

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Gone are the days when we wouldn’t need to worry about database performance optimization.

With the advance of times and every new entrepreneur wanting to build the next Facebook combined with the mindset of collecting every possible data-point to provide better Machine Learning predictions, we, as developers, need to prepare our APIs, better than ever, to provide reliable and efficient endpoints that should be able to navigate through huge amounts of data without a sweat.

If you have been doing backend or database architecture for a while you have probably already done paging queries, like this:


Ivo Pereira

CTO at Ongagement, Entrepreneur, Full-Stack Applications Developer and Security Enthusiast

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