Why Apple is fading away?

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In 2015 I was living in Bar Harbor, Maine. Beautiful place close to Acadia National Park. Before the summer I bought an iPhone 6 Plus Gold. My idea was to create a gallery of photos from the park. Back then the model iPhone was promoted as the best friend of photographers. I switched from iPhone 4S to 6 Plus…

Why people are paying more money for the design than functionality

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When did the functionality of the items become less important? I know some of you will say since Apple was launched. Just kidding. I do like Apple products but their selling point is the design of the products rather than performance. Maybe you will be paying a premium price because…

What we learned and what’s next

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In the winter of 2017, I was working on a concept for a mobile app in the Health Tech industry. The idea was to solve a variety of common issues between doctors and patients. The general understanding was that the app will serve as an online doctor's office with checkings through your phone. You don’t have to wait on the line or drive to…

The bill that nobody can afford

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Every day has the potential for a new subscriber on your channel. This goal sounds realistic and it probably will work for you. Of course only if you don't aim for 1 million subscribers in this lifetime. Why? Well, 1 million days is almost 2740 years. A time that we don’t have. So what is the shortcut to archive this goal…

Congratulations you have been selected to read this article

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Today is your luckiest day ”Your uncle left you $1 million dollars please contact us” asap rocky. The World Lottery choose you and you won $100,000 in cash. Yeah right? Well, I’m sorry but this is not true. Things that seem to be too good to be true tend to be a scam. …

How to invest your time and money in this asset?

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Buying a new house, car or clothes most likely will make us happy. So our intention of spending our money is to achieve this special feeling called happiness and not really to own these things. So what this feeling actually is? Is spending money the only way to travel from point A to point C where point B is…

European models vs American models

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I grew up in Europe and back then all the sportsmen used Adidas equipment. Every tracksuit, shorts, shirts, tank-tops sneakers, balls and ads were Adidas. Guess what shoes did I have and what was my favorite brand. I used to play football, all day every day. As you are probably familiar with the game there are 22 players. 90% of them were wearing Adidas shoes, 5% Reebok and 5% Nike. Amazing I know. Adidas is a German brand…

Was it worth it?

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I sign up for Facebook in the Summer of 2010. The main reason was that I was trying to find some old friends from my neighborhood that I used to play soccer with. It worked pretty fast. I was able to reconnect with most of them and we successfully met and played soccer again like the good old times. I was really fascinated by the algorithm and unlimited capabilities that the platform has. During my first…

Is there any number that actually can transform the way we feel?

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“Who wants to be a millionaire” is one of the most popular tv shows out there. Real money for real knowledge is a great concept. But I have a question? Is $1 million dollars enough? It depends on who you are, where you live and how much money you spend on a monthly basis. Also, when do you planning to retire and what kind of life you…

Am I going to buy Dell again?

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Last year I was looking to buy a powerful laptop for creating content online. Most of the people suggested buying an Apple Macbook at the same time I read good reviews about Dell XPS. All the Macs were not made for content creation at least in my price range. So after additional research, I bought the Dell XPS 15. Here are the specs:

  • 6th Generation Intel Skylake Core i7–6700HQ Quad-Core
  • 15.6" 4K…

Ivaylo Angelov

Entrepreneur New York, NY

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