Bande meets Europe

zvi 6
zvi 6
Jun 23, 2017 · 2 min read

Sharing an experience on how students from Europe met locals in Bande, Spain and embraced diversity

Sharing an experience on how we have organized a workshop for local school

First of all, we had short brainstorming session with the team and discuss generally about the topic.

Than we start our planning process by answering crucial questions considering the main points about the workshop in our mind. So, as the most important aim was to define the outcomes of the workshop and why we are doing that. So we came up with the following:

· Europe

· Diversity

· Interculturalism

· Communication with foreigners

Further on we continued to follow the tips from CLAP Talk method.

We implemented the activity in non-formal way. That is why we wanted to make them feel comfortable and so we introduce ourselves in Spanish and we remove the tables in order to be at the same level all together.

The attention that we got from the children was one of the main indicator that show us how interested they were in the topic. Their ever-growing curiosity was another proof of our success.

Additionally, we had a lot of questions asked from the kids which indicated that they were really motivated to participate in the activities. Also, there was a girl that was willing to play again the same game that we were playing at the beginning.

We consider we can improve our timing in order to be better organized.

We have implemented everything as planned.

As our strength it can be mentioned that we learnt to adapt quickly so we could respond their needs.

Another strength that we have as a team was having good organization within the team and sticking to the plan.

We were very happy to do the workshop again because of the past experience that we have with the kids in Kawkowo.

What we would like to add is that we noticed that they were very curious about our countries and our languages, how we speak and they were willing to hear different languages. We can add up that we felt that we inspired them. We show them that being different is okay.

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