10 forbidden places you're not allowed to visit

In fact there are some places no matter how hard you try you will never be able to visit. These places are so entwined in secrecy that very little is known about the inner workings and what actually happens there. So this week I gathered the most exclusive and secret of places on earth that despite your best efforts you will never be able to enter — sorry. Secret facilities, exclusive clubs and holy temples that are shielded from the public. So here they are 10 forbidden places you're not allowed to visit.

1. White’s Gentlemen’s Club

Located in London, England is the most exclusive gentlemen’s club in London and possibly the most exclusive in the world? The club’s members include only the richest and most powerful of society’s elite, including Prince William, Prince Charles, and Conrad Black and even former prime ministers. Originally build in 1674 it’s an all-boys club only accepting man. It has three stories including a basement and an attic and several rooms within. These rooms are often used to haul private and secretive events that the public is never privy to and members often use these rooms to engage in other activities such as high stakes betting. In order to even get close to the club let alone join its ranks you need to know someone that’s already a member or you could just master their password which is probably — money.

2. Area 51

Located in the state of Nevada, the infamous area 51 is by far one of the most well-known and least accessible places on Earth. According to the CIA the official name for the facility is Homey Airport or Groom Lake. To this date the base primary purpose is still publicly unknown as the government has never disclosed it. The public has never been allowed inside. Which led tons of wild speculations. None conspiracy theorist generally believes that the base is used to develop and test new air crafts and weapons systems, however conspiracy theorist generally believe that that’s simply a front and that are 51 is actually hub of intergalactic activity. Where testing in communication with extraterrestrial life. All this intense secrecy and theorizing has made its way to pop culture through shows like The X-files and Roswell as well as several movies. Of course thin foil hat freaks needs to chill because aliens don’t exist and you should simply stop asking questions. (This last massage was sponsored by the CIA).

3. Jiangsu national security education museum

Is located in Nanjing, China. This is a very special museum dedicated to the history of Chinese espionage that is so secret that foreigners are banned. However, the museum did reveal that it has exhibits including guns disguised as lipstick, hollowed-out coins used to conceal documents and maps hidden in decks of cards.

Chinese spies have recently been accused of using more hi-tech equipment, which they allegedly used for hacking into computer systems in the US and Europe. Such allegations have been dismissed as “lies” by the Chinese government. But who knows maybe they are making an exhibition with the tech they “didn’t used” to hack computer systems in the US and Europe.

4. Metro 2

Located in Moscow, Russia is the metro two. An informal name given to the purported secret underground metro system. It supposedly build in code name d6, during the reign Joseph Stalin. The length of the metro is rumored to exceed that of the public metro. Have four lines which lies 200 meters underground. It’s believed to be operated by the Ministry of Defense and connects the Kremlin to the federal Security Services as well as several other important branches of government.

5. Room 39

Located in North Korea that has also many shady things, room 39 is a secretive organization that maintains the foreign currency slush fund for the country’s leader. They hold as much as 5 billion dollars in funds and have been suspected to be involved in illegal activities — such as counterfeiting money and drug production. It is believed to be located inside the ruling Workers Party building in Pyongyang, not far from King John’s villa however it’s believed that this organization is critical to Kim Jong Un’s continued power, enabling him to buy political supporters and fund North Korea’s nuclear program. Despite overwhelming concern about Room 39 from the international community, north Koreans remain unconcern because as soon as Kim Jong-Un flashes that adorable smile everyone just melts, or else!

6. The Coca-Cola recipe vault

The world of Coca-Cola interactive exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia is a destination frequently visited by tourist. However not everything there can be seen by the public. Within the exhibit is a dedicated vault that holds the secret held since 1886 — the coveted secret recipe for Coca-Cola. It was only ever shared with a small group of people and never written down, that is until it was eventually put to paper and capped at SunTrust Bank since 1925 until it was moved to this new location in 2010. To this day the whole formula is only known by approximately three people, unlike Pepsi’s formula which is probably in the hands of some warehouse manager called Crank but Crank is a good dude.

7. Google Data Centers

Unlike the rest of the places on this list Google Data Center’s exist all over the world and can only be accessed by a selected few and certainly not the public. These massive centers are located with hundreds of thousands of servers, colorful cables and bicycles so engineers can get around quickly. Each of these locations represents a hub of information were Google processes internet search requests, stores YouTube clips and distributes emails for millions of its users. They are highly secured locations that stores unbelievable amounts of user information. The high security is necessary as such large amounts of information if falling into the wrong hands could have a catastrophic consequences for millions of people in an increasingly digital world.

8. Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant

Found in Ethiopia, is the chapel believed by some to be the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, which holds the Ten Commandments. The legendary Ark is protected by a single High Priest who is charged with its care and preservation. Interestingly he’s the only one who’s allowed to actually look at the Ark and he is the only one who knows how to locate it within the chapel. He is never allowed to leave the chapel and will name a successor on his deathbed. No one from the public has ever seen the artifact, and no one is allowed to enter the church to view it. Because of the amount of secrecy around it many question the legitimacy of the Ark actually residing at the chapel, despite all major news sources reporting on it including CNN. But hey if some guy from Ethiopia said it’s there, and if some guy said it — it has to be true, obviously.

9. Javari Reserve

Located in Brazil is the Javari Reserve the largest concentration of uncontested tribes in the world. According to satellite imagery at least 8 tribes exist with as many as 40 potentially existing. Both the Brazilian and Peruvian government strictly regulate who may visit the reservation, with very few being allowed. Even if you somehow did manage to visit them, they will be threatened by the foreign genes that you carry with you.

10. Bank of England Vaults

Located in London, England is the central bank of the United Kingdom (the model from which most modern banks have been based upon). However, beneath the city is the Vault, a massive space greater than that of the third tallest building in the city — tower 42. There are several security measures that makes sure that the vault is extremely hard to get into — including keys that open it that are 91 centimeters long. Making it even more difficult to enter is that even if you wanted the keys you wouldn’t know from whom to take them from because the employees of the vault are kept anonymous. The near impossibility in entering this vault is a necessity as a near 156 trillion pounds worth of gold deposits exist there. So unless you’re a psychic or can carry around a few ninety one centimeters keys without being noticed, you are not getting in there — Sorry.


But if you are interested in visiting places that you can go freely to explore this year, you can check our article of 11 Magical Places — that would make you believe that you are in a fairy tale. So that’s it. Thanks so much for reading and as always if you enjoyed our article, remember to click that like button and if you like to read more show your support by sharing this article, I would appreciate it a lot. I hope you all have a great week, and I will see you on our Facebook Page

Originally published at thetrendigo.com on June 6, 2015.

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