Today I noticed… How I talk myself out of negativity

I decided to start a new series of texts based on the prompt: Today I noticed. This is the first of (hopefully), many to come, in which I put in practice the creative writing exercise of noticing and being aware every single day of your life. Hope you like it!

Today I noticed that I lose track of time when I’m working out. It’s like unplugging my brain form the constant train of thought and worries about everything: my body, how I look, if people’s watching, if I left the stove on… If I’m worried or I’m sad. That’s the power of dancing on my daily life.

And it’s not like I do not think, I do think, but I’m thinking with awareness:

am I doing this right? How does this feel? Is this pose comfortable? Is there any pain?

It feels like discovering your body again. The new perspective I gain from it makes me more aware of the possibilities and limitations of it, and also makes me realise that’s all in the mind.

When I workout, I feel truly strong, even when I’m not lifting weights or kicking asses. When I’m dancing I realise all the possibilities my body has and I don’t explore doing other things, how graceful I can be, how clumsy too, but I choose to stick with the positive, because this is what everything is about: you IN your body, not you being worried about other watching your body.

Believe me, when you’re in a gym people won’t keep their minds on you for more than 5 seconds: they scan, compare, criticise and move on, they are working for THEIR BODY, you might as well work on yours and forget about them.

Working out has made me more aware of the kind of thoughts I put in my head when I’m “not thinking” and I choose them wisely now: I focus on doing things right, on reaching my goals, touching my limits and pushing them further.

I noticed that I can resist more than I think, I noticed that some days things get harder to do and I really have to make an effort, some other days everything comes out easy. I noticed that my body responds naturally to the beats of the music and that I look much better when I’m relaxed and confident about all I do than when I’m overthinking a movement…

There is no other activity that takes me feel so much better about myself than dancing: it’s given me grace, it helped me discover a more confident self, someone that can really do things.

Dancing is my therapy and allows me to talk me out of negativity.