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First of all, why any gay person wants to affiliate him or herself with any Christian religion has always been puzzling to me. Almost all Christian religions patently reject gays, damn them to hell and generally foster hateful attitudes among their believers — witness the many vile and hurtful things that so many of these presumably Christian people have posted on this thread! Remarks from people who advocate a belief system that theoretically advances the proposition that all people are worthy of love. Well, so much for theory. Having said this, as much as I feel for this young man, I think he should not have pushed the envelope regarding bringing his boyfriend to the school dance. He certainly knew what the school’s policy was regarding same-sex relationships. He should not have posted the school’s response to his request on social media. However, once the school refused to let him attend his senior year because they didn’t like the public embarrassment visited upon them, then I think his lawsuit was justified. Given the fact that this school and many other private schools accept federal monies, they do not, per federal law, get to practice discrimination. Denying him the right to attend school in his senior year was just downright petty, cruel and unlawful. If schools wish to discriminate against any class of people, then they must be totally private and NOT ACCEPT any public taxpayer funds. I hope this young man wins his lawsuit, finds a nice partner and, most of all, walks away from Christianity. I did years ago — it was one of the smarter decisions of my life.

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