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Bloody lockdown,

all over the god damn town,

Zagreb took part in a global pandemic,

a challenge to stop it is accepted by the local expert medics,

at least you can feel connected to the rest of the planet,

who have the same issue as we joke about it on the


so connected in an ironic twist,

given that the apartment is locked and quite isolated

it is,

some are chilled while other trembles

in hysteria,

both sides get criticized that they should be

more serious,

poets dream that this is their big


that like Boccacio during plaque

the idea for the next…

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visual impro

Cold and dark,

gold and spark,

virginity and giving a fuck,

misery and having some luck,

precision and losing count,

American dollar and English pound,

losing myself while leaving a trail

to be found,

silence of death and hyper explicit

of life’s sound,

anesthetic of alcohol and awakenment from


softness of meat and the hardness of spleen,

having fun while being bored

out of my mind,

mystery from being blind and enlightenment

from sight,

so much to observe that is opposite,

perfect counter measures that have dimensions


lit with fire that makes it

worth being alive,

for better or worse

it makes a melody for all of

us to jive.

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Really really (really) bad visual

I tend to use


to describe and depict

the world,

but today, that’s unfirm,

it’s a tragic thing that

makes me hurl,

a reader happy with words

in this world is unusual,

to make his interest firm it

makes me hurl that the story

needs a visual,

but photos I choose is perceived

by everyone but me to be too


or blurry or smudged like a stain on

a shirt from gravy,

and everytime I do a text that’s good,

I listen editors drop

the same motto about

the things where my strings are loose,

‘Visuals! Make it visional! …

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