Not another web monitoring platform…

Or why “web monitoring” does not equal “social media monitoring” anymore

When was the last time you filled out an email survey? Personally, I cannot recall it.

In the quick paced world, big companies have noticed how easy it is to throw an email into the spam box.

Information about the market and its customers is often available with only a few mouse-clicks. Various “social media monitoring” platforms let you know what the press and business think about your company at any time. They help create more accurate buyer personas, explore the industry and follow its trends. Big companies do not worry about receiving feedback anymore.

Imagine following real-time reactions from your own customers to any new products and publicity. It can easily be done using platforms like TweetReach or Mention.

Keeping track of the platforms which mention your name has never been easier!

But what if that same platform could also help your business grow and prevent you from missing any opportunity in your industry or fields of interest?

I recently stumbled upon a new player, who has introduces a slightly more elaborate way of monitoring. The platform does not simply use the “social media”, but underlines the meaning of the phrase “web monitoring”. It keeps track of your whole industry, scanning for various topics in the web, presenting you with anything that might be useful or interesting about your branch.

This means that you would never miss the invention of a new game-changing material that someone has presented at a small conference. And while you are making your production much better and cheaper, it might take your competitors months to even find out about it. After all how could you open Google and search for something that you didn’t know exists?