Still not convinced that web monitoring is beneficial?

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Customers’ satisfaction is a priority

In a world where people can easily build their opinion about your brand only after a few mouse clicks, keeping your customers happy is a top priority. We have all seen it happen… Reputations get destroyed in less than a day through hashtags, viral videos or even memes. It is no surprise that big businesses observe and analyze the behavior of their clients and their competitors closely. They cannot afford, not even for a moment, to miss a scandal in the making and need to make sure they have enough time to prepare the best reaction or even solution.

Predict big loses and be prepared for big interest in your new products

Following the trends in the customers’ opinions online would give you a clear picture of any potential ups and down in sales. A company wouldn’t want to run out of their new product on the release day, but also wouldn’t want to produce too much, if people are not interested in buying.

Competition is intense

Maybe back in the days people used to visit each other’s stores or offices in order to obtain the most up-to-date information about their competitors. However now it is all instantly available with the correct keywords and search engines. Companies promote their work by talking about the new technologies they are using, the new partnerships they have started. It would be a missed opportunity not to grab hold of this information and use it for your own advantage.

If you know first, you are the innovator

It does not matter, if you just bought someone else’s work that took them 2 or even 5 years to develop. If you are the one implementing it and even better, if your company is well known, your purchase will immediately improve your image, making your current and potential customers believe that you are the one working towards innovation.

But how could you know about those incredible assets before your competitors? All you need is to monitor your industry and make sure you pay attention to the news. Web monitoring platforms will scan not only the social media, but also the whole web with all its documents and folders, which only a very good google search with the right keywords would spit out.