Or, you can just lie to yourself. You can always still call yourself socially progressive but economically conservative. And fortunately for you, your life won’t change, because it’s never your life that’s at stake.
You Can’t Be Socially Progressive and Economically Conservative
Mike Epifani

It’s always interesting to read articles like this. I am a Libertarian (socially progressive and economically conservative). I don’t believe the government is responsible for solving our problems. That’s how communist countries are made. I’ve been in countries where the government has tried to provide for everyone but they do it because that’s how they get votes. That’s how you create tyrants. My view is that if we want socially progressive initiatives, we must become active citizens and move those initiatives forward. We don’t need the government for that. I, Ivan, can start any group today and recruit multiple people who have my social view. We can then create a c3 or c4 advocacy group with volunteers, activists, and donors that believe in the cause. I can then use this network to create change in communities where I see there is a potential for change. I want to make activists that create change themselves not activists that want the government to do it. The goal of government is to protect my rights, not make personal choices for me. That means, government can’t tell me if I should abort or not (if I’m a woman). Government can’t tell me whether I marry a man or woman. Government can’t tell me who I should give my money to because I earned it. Then it’s my responsibility to get these individuals with money to voluntarily give it to my worthy cause. It’s not right to have the government enforce it. They will then be infringing on my right to do with my money as I see fit. Your views are not exactly mine and it’s not fair to have coercion as means to getting what you want.

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