A startup community at NYU

Hey there fellow NYU-er!

Welcome back once more from the never-long-enough-summer 👐

I’m Tim Nugmanov, Gallatin junior and President at this really really cool startup club called InnoVention Society (IVS).

Now that the year has kicked off, my team is super excited to share our vision of the year full of amazing startup things for you.

“But what’s this InnoVention Society you speak of, stranger?” — you in your mind 🤔

Superb question….InnoVention Society is a startup community that helps NYU’s brightest makers, hackers, and engineers to become visionary innovators and entrepreneurs. Our initiatives, ranging from social meetups to an intense competition, are designed to illuminate your path from idea to product to startup 🚀

Throughout our 7 year history, our club helped many NYU students launch game changing startups (literally 👇)

Just last year, our initiatives helped 8 startups jump to the next level. Some of the coolest ventures are now working to:

  • Enable eSports athletes to quantify and optimize gaming performance 
  • Help hospitals prevent falls amongst patients with wearable tech (Levitas)
  • Empower high school teachers to make scientific experiments more fun and affordable (Multicorder)
  • Assist the visually impaired in Latin America with their everyday activities (INVIP)

This year, we’re taking on a brand new approach to community-building and accelerating startups with two main initiatives.

IVS Start & IVS Accelerate

IVS Start, takes place in the Fall 2017 semester and focuses on building our membership with meetups that help members connect, utilize resources, develop ideas and make real progress. We’re fired up about creating a thriving startup community and offer Accelerate as the next big step in the entrepreneurship journey.

IVS Accelerate, hosted during Spring 2018, is a 10-week competition comprised of workshops, mentorships, prizes and perks. The program selects 12 teams and concentrates on helping build their teams, and transform ideas into products and functional businesses.

To join our community, come to our epic Launch Party (RSVP and 👇)

Our Launch Party will feature the awesomely inspiring Nico Vasnisck, an NYU alum founder & CEO of BotFactory (yep…that’s those PCB machines in the MakerSpace). He’ll talk about his crazy ride of starting a hardware company that makes hardware while an NYU student.

Tim, President at InnoVention Society

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