InnoVention Semi-Finals recap: 9 teams, 6 finalists, 4 judges and lotsa innovation

InnoVention Society
Apr 2, 2018 · 4 min read

The InnoVention Competition just completed the Semi-Finals, where 6 teams were advanced the final stage of the competition will compete for $45,000 in prize money. Before we reveal who will be continue to the IVC Finals, we want to thank our fantastic judges: Adriel Bercow from Flybridge, Sharla Grass from Greycroft Partners, Karolina Mrozkova from White Star Capital, and Demi Obayomi from FirstMark. Thank you for your time — thanks to you our startups got experience of pitching to VCs!

Every venture did an excellent job on the pitch and the deliberation process was certainly not easy. However, our new design of the judging and deliberation process streamlined the usually messy and long experience. On the front end, judges were given iPads with personalized forms built with our partner Paperform to enter scores and comments on each presentation. On the back end, the data was zapped and sent first to Slack, then to our other partner Airtable and their shiny new Blocks. This process allowed us to centralize data, see scores in real-time, sort the ranks and print out customer pages with all the neatly packaged data within minutes of the pitches ending. The result was a relatively easy deliberation and only a 15-minute delay in the schedule — which many pitch organizers will recognize as a miracle.

Our awesome judges and scoring system on full display

Anyway, enough about us…here are InnoVention Competition finalists:

Brooklyn BioScience

Brooklyn BioScience is creating a low-cost and ecologically friendly enzyme for the remediation and detoxification of a class of common pesticides for farmers, vintners, and waste management companies. #Biotech #Chemical

Andrew Olsen, Co-Founder (Tandon ‘18)
Priya Katyal, Co-Founder (Tandon ‘18)

Health Huddle

HealthHuddle is building a platform for hospitals that integrates and displays vital patient information for nurses and quality improvement teams. #Healthcare #Software #B2B

Andrew Dempsey, Co-founder (Tandon ‘18)
Sabina Braverman, Co-founder (Wagner ‘18)
Danny Silk, Co-founder (Wagner ‘18)
Sushant Thomas, Co-founder (CAS ‘19)
Kerim Davis, Co-founder (School of Medicine, Faculty)

Health Huddle squad all smiles before their pitch

Merciless Motors

Merciless Motors are inventing a more powerful, efficient and lightweight electric motor to help EV companies increase range and performance. #Hardware #Energy

Anna Kotyza, Co-Founder and Business Developer (Gallatin ‘19)
Nader Ahmed, Co-Founder, Inventor, Engineer (Tandon ‘19)

Anna from Merciless Motors intensely preparing for the pitch


Sunthetics creates a solar-powered pathway to nylon manufacturing that allows eco-conscious brands to employ proactive sustainability efforts and transparently control supply chains. #Energy #Hardware

Myriam Sbeiti, Project manager (Tandon ‘18)
Daniela Blanco, R&D Lead (
Tandon ‘21)
Kyle Ireland, Market Research Lead (
Tandon ‘18)
Miguel Modestino, Senior Adviser (Tandon, Faculty)

Myriam and Daniela describing their early adopters market for Sunthetics


Techa is a platform that organizes and showcases the work of the new media community, enabling VR/AR, computer graphics and other technology creators to show their projects, attract potential users and build their network. Follow them on Instagram @techaproject. #AR #VR #MR #ComputerGraphics

Yuli Cai, Founder (Tisch ‘18)
Michelle Hessel, Founder (Tisch ‘18)


XiMiO is building a smartwatch application that coordinates, tracks, and records cardiac arrest procedures helping emergency teams improve response success rates. #Hardware #InternetOfThings

Beno Oppenheimer, Co-Founder, Chairman (School of Medicine, Faculty)
Andrew Gilbert, Operations Lead (Stern ‘19)
Adam Yoseph, Technology Lead (Stern ‘19)
Marcia Elyseu, Finance Lead (Stern ‘09)

Beno passionately explaining why all hospitals should use XiMiO’s technology

Congratulations to the above teams! We would like to note that we encourage all the 12 teams, regardless of whether they made it to the semi finals, to continue participating in all of our sessions and workshops to help them advance their ventures.

Best of luck everybody, keep hustling, see you in the Finals!

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