The InnoVention Competition 2018 Semi Finalists!

InnoVention Competition Cohort & InnoVention Society with our wonderful judges (in chairs from left to right) Anne Kong, Antonio Pellegrino, Keith Gonzales and Mina Salib.

Last night we hosted the InnoVention Competition Quarter Finals and we have to say that both we — the InnoVention Society — and our amazing judges — Keith Gonzales (from DigitalOcean), Anne Kong (from Dorm Room Fund), Mina Salib (from NYU Future Labs) and Antonio Pellegrino (from— were very impressed with the level of sophistication and preparedness of all of the teams. So a huge shout out to all the 12 teams that pitched! An enormous thank you to all of our judges who provided many insights to help the startups refine their products! And a truly special thank you to our partners, listed alphabetically below, who are helping the teams in our cohort in a variety of ways:

Airtable — a spreadsheet-database hybrid that improves productivity and helps organize data;

Cooley — a law firm helping the teams in our cohort with Intellectual Property;

Dorm Room Fund — venture fund backed by First Round run by student leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators across the country;

DigitalOcean — a startup program that renders promotional credits & many other benefits for our cohort. Thank you for the swag!!;

Swag from DigitalOcean. Thank You!!

Dragon Innovation — consultants for hardware production, providing our team access to their new Product Planner;

Google Cloud — providing our team with Google Cloud Platform and mentorship;

Ludus — a beautiful, collaborative presentation platform for teams to share their best ideas;

Mixmax — an ultra-productive tool for email, scheduling meetings, completing surveys, making purchases, playing games, and even interacting with apps;

Orrick — a law firm helping the teams in our cohort with incorporations;

Paperform — an extremely user-friendly platform that enables creating forms, sharing them, and taking payments without fuss;

Sketch — a digital design toolkit built to help with everything from early ideas to final assets!

Soylent — complete nutrition in uncomplicated formats in your favorite flavors

Our partners help us and our teams in many ways, and we really recommend checking all of them out. Extra special thanks to our chief sponsors and mentors, from NYU Tandon School of Engineering and NYU Entrepreneur, without whom all of this would not be possible.

Thank You Partners & Sponsors!

Unfortunately, as much as we would have loved to keep all the teams, our resources are limited and so 9 teams were selected to go on in the InnoVention Competition. Here are IVC semi finalists:

Brooklyn BioScience

Brooklyn BioScience is creating a low-cost and ecologically friendly enzyme for the remediation and detoxification of a class of common pesticides for farmers, vintners, and waste management companies. #Biotech #Chemical

Andrew Olsen, Co-Founder (Tandon ‘18)
Priya Katyal, Co-Founder (Tandon ‘18)

Health Huddle

HealthHuddle is building a platform for hospitals that integrates and displays vital patient information for nurses and quality improvement teams. #Healthcare #Software #B2B

Andrew Dempsey, Co-founder (Tandon ‘18)

Sabina Braverman, Co-founder (Wagner ‘18)

Danny Silk, Co-founder (Wagner ‘18)

Sushant Thomas, Co-founder (CAS ‘19)

Kerim Davis, Co-founder (School of Medicine, Faculty)

Merciless Motors

Merciless Motors are inventing a more powerful, efficient and lightweight electric motor to help EV companies increase range and performance. #Hardware #Energy

Anna Kotyza, Co-Founder and Business Developer (Gallatin ‘19)
Nader Ahmed, Co-Founder, Inventor, Engineer (Tandon ‘19)


N-GEMS is developing hardware modules and an analytics platform that provides emergency personnel with real-time information on building occupancy, floor layout and hazardous areas to maximize rescue operation outcomes. #DroneTechnology #Hardware

Chetan Hasabnis, Chief Executive Officer (Tisch ‘18)
Nitish Wakalkar, Chief Design Officer (Tisch ‘18)
Michael Kripchak, Head of Marketing (Tisch ‘18)
Dimosthenis Markopoulos, Head of business development (Tisch ‘18)


PAYENT is an integrated mobile app and platform that allows patients to pay their personal and family medical bills, and allows providers to recover outstanding payments. #FinTech #Mobile

Kyung Lee, Head of Operations (Wagner ‘18)
Nate Park, Head of Customer Acquisition (Wagner ‘18)
Youngbin Kim, Head of Finance (Wagner ‘18)

Missa Guthrie-Mueller, Head of Strategy (Regents ‘07)
Philipp Mueller, Chairman, Interim Head of Technology (Oxford ‘04)


Sensahead is developing a compact and low-cost first aid sensor for the same day detection of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). #BioTech #Hardware

Shayam Parasram, Co-Founder, Biosensors (Tandon ‘18)
Olivia Patton, Co-Founder, R&D (Tandon ‘18)
Christopher Rosin, Software Dev & Finance (
Tandon ‘18)

Aramis Sostre, Co-Founder, Biochemist (Pace ‘18)


Sunthetics creates a solar-powered pathway to nylon manufacturing that allows eco-conscious brands to employ proactive sustainability efforts and transparently control supply chains. #Energy #Hardware

Myriam Sbeiti, Project manager (Tandon ‘18)
Daniela Blanco, R&D Lead (
Tandon ‘21)
Kyle Ireland, Market Research Lead (
Tandon ‘18)
Miguel Modestino, Senior Adviser (Tandon, Faculty)


Techa is a platform that organizes and showcases the work of the new media community, enabling VR/AR, computer graphics and other technology creators to show their projects, attract potential users and build their network. Follow them on Instagram @techaproject. #AR #VR #MR #ComputerGraphics

Yuli Cai, Founder (Tisch ‘18)
Michelle Hessel, Founder (Tisch ‘18)


XiMiO is building a smartwatch application that coordinates, tracks, and records cardiac arrest procedures helping emergency teams improve response success rates. #Hardware #InternetOfThings

Andrew Gilbert, Operations Lead (Stern ‘19)
Adam Yoseph, Technology Lead (Stern ‘19)
Marcia Elyseu, Finance Lead (Stern ‘09)

Beno Oppenheimer, Co-Founder, Chairman (School of Medicine, Faculty)

XiMiO showing amazing teamwork!

Congratulations to the above teams! We would like to note that we encourage all the 12 teams, regardless of whether they made it to the quarter finals, to continue participating in all of our sessions and workshops to help them advance their business!

Sensahead demonstrating their prototype live!

Best of luck everybody, see you in the Semi Finals!