How to use the Google Chrome browser to track and diagnose performance issues.

There are many aspects of a website that can impact the performance of a website. RAIL is a user-centric performance model that breaks down the user’s experience into key actions:

How users perceive websites, some key metrics:

How to debug ruby using Visual Studio Code

How to debug javascript code using the Google Chrome browser

The repetitive cycle of console.logging and re-running the javascript code can get pretty painful as your code functionality increases. However, developing a habit of using Chrome Developer tools can reduce the pain of debugging and cut down the time taken to identify and fix bugs.

I’ll attempt to demonstrate the basic Chrome debugging tools using a demo of a minor bug encountered in some basic code:

Step 1: Run the code

  1. In the demo, enter 5 for the first number .
  2. Enter 1 for the second number.
  3. Click the button to add the numbers
  4. Look at the label below the inputs and button. It says 5 + 1 = 51.

That result is wrong. The result should be 6 NOT 51. This is a bug!

Step 2: Pause the code with an Event Listener Breakpoint

  1. Go back to the demo and open DevTools by pressing Command+Option+I (mac).
  2. Click the…

Hashes containing subsets of data can be very intimidating at first. Hopefully, this article will provide a clear, simple guide on how to access data, embedded deep within a hash.

(LEFT) team structure in the form of a hash. (RIGHT) team structure in the form of a diagram


For the purposes of the article, I have used an example of a free API provided by

I have also made the assumption that the reader is familiar with hashes, key-value pairs, arrays and nested hashes.

  1. Let’s get an example of a hash structure by making an API request. Enter the following command from within the Terminal. This is simply calling the API to obtain data related to…

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