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The emerging ruins of Movada, Lake of Redona.

“You are lucky being locked down there!”, surprisingly the common opinion of most friends and relatives, or better, exactly those who never understood my choice to come and live in a remote and wild place. Last year, they were asking me -some worried, some derisive: “What are you doing all day long?”. As if real life is delays, desks, aperitifs and weekends. Today, guzzling spring water after plowing, playing with the little one in the woods every day, walking one kilometer in the sun for garbage is good luck. We are not so different: we probably live the epic of our own life instead of reality. But I don’t forget we are both privileged, and both hypocrites. …


Ivan Provenzale

An old hand at design, a persistent visionary, grumpy optimist. Trailblazing through words and woods •

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