Letter To My Younger Self

Dear younger self,

stop. Stop acting like a child, like a pathetic teenage girl who’s world stops spinning around just because of that one damn smile. Stop crying every night and for God’s sake, stop writing this goddamn texts you know you’ll never be able to send to him. Is he worth it? Is he worth the tears, the scars you have? You’ve been hurt, yes, taken for granted, also yes, but that does not make you weak. What makes you weak is how you decide to deal with it. Are you gonna let him walk over you? Are you gonna hurt yourself once more? Or are you gonna hold your head high and smile so big all your broken pieces will come together? Baby, it’s your choice. You are writing your own story. Not him, not her, you. You, you, you. That is who matters now and that is who will matter until the end of your existence.

Love yourself,

future me.

P.S.: It gets better, I promise.