Top 7 tasks consuming your Front Desk Agents time or (what’s consuming your front desk agents time Pt. 1)

Today, Data is king and we are learning a lot about what makes a hotel tick through day-to-day interactions with our clients and now so can you…

There are a number of tasks that make up a Front Desk Agents daily routine that can be summed up by the following:

  • Reservations
  • Check-in and registration
  • mail and information, providing directions
  • telephone calls and messages
  • managing guest accounts
  • check-out and bill statement

…all while being empathetic and caring, willing to go above and beyond, able to anticipate guests’ needs, engaging and inquisitive, calm and composed, knowledgeable about the local area, resourceful, energetic, and an ambassador for the hotel. Oh yea, and all while maintaining a smile.

Had enough? So have we…

We looked to The Cornell School of Hotel Administration (SHA), established in 1922, and is the world’s premier school for hospitality education. Numerous reports can be downloaded on the guest life cycle, but there was no relevant research to be found on the time devoted to different stages of the guest cycle.

We will be exploring this issue in a 3 part series nailing down this process and what some of our top hotels are doing to improve their Front Desk Agents efficiency….