Photo by James Collier — The Woven Series: Aerial Photography

This is a guide to getting the bigger things in life done, and to achieve lasting results in our personal and business life — Every endeavor requires our trained ability to differentiate content from context.

Ever hear a full body opera that brought you to tears? More than the mastery of thousands-hour practice and the life-affirming dedication, if you’ve ever gotten soul punched by a song in a language you don’t even understand, you’ve been moved by the sheer power of voice.

As a product…

Because staying resilient and dangerously adaptive throughout life is a determinant of social and life success — in and outside of your startup

PART 1 of 3

A quick background on OODA: It was developed by military strategist and the United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd who had applied the concept to combat…

Fearless Girl by Federica Valabrega

Our collective mind field and how we disseminate our thoughts have come a meandering long-ish way — The first SMS sent was in 1992 — And look where we ended up [insert emojis depicting ironies here].

Science and technology inevitably fall victim as the freshman getting initiated into the epistemological…

Photo by Author — Dasic Fernandez Street Art

What we create, whether it being an app, a photo, an essay, or any number of choreographed outputs from our mind, requires a certain degree of curation. …

Ivy Mahsciao

Champion for human potential • Lover of phenomenology and virtues. I design and develop systems that help people flourish in their own mastery.

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