Because spending less time on things that ultimately don’t matter and being less wrong is the path to a high-quality life

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Photo by James Collier — The Woven Series: Aerial Photography

This is a guide to getting the bigger things in life done, and to achieve lasting results in our personal and business life — Every endeavor requires our trained ability to differentiate content from context.

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How our cognitive functions work at a baseline, tends to have us readily and willingly just skimming the surface — It’s easier and quicker to categorize, file, and repeat with quickened convenience — And in the name of efficiency, it makes us feel functioning, applied and involved.

The problem with cheap convenience and thrills (aka frictionless-anything), as we all know well, is that when these surface functions become a string of conditioned habits, we become long-term residents at the club of perpetual emptiness — And this disconnect and alienation are further accelerated by technology. …

Get your voice back into the driver’s seat in everyday communications to boost your creativity and authenticity

Ever hear a full body opera that brought you to tears? More than the mastery of thousands-hour practice and the life-affirming dedication, if you’ve ever gotten soul punched by a song in a language you don’t even understand, you’ve been moved by the sheer power of voice.

As a product designer and a futurist who likes to keep close tabs on how technologies affect our psyches, I’ve witnessed and researched throughout the digital eras to understand how our attention has meandered as we try to keep up with Moore’s Law. …

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Because staying resilient and dangerously adaptive throughout life is a determinant of social and life success — in and outside of your startup

PART 1 of 3

A quick background on OODA: It was developed by military strategist and the United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd who had applied the concept to combat operations so its roots are in military methodology. Its uses are often applied to commercial operations and other learning processes. It’s an approach that favors agility over raw power in any human endeavor.

This is part 1 of a 3-part series: The end goal is to expand beyond normal terms that we’re used to seeing and using, but less practiced in the startup world, and subsequently habituate a scalable startup existence by using a system that’s highly adaptive and gets more potent the more it’s practiced.

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Speech is an indispensable ingredient in the process of inquiry. Because a thought always stems from language to some extent as we form any cognition of reality. And the only way to communicate a thought is through a common convention of established language (as opposed to interpretive forms such as the Sister Arts — Visual, musical, and poetry art forms, short of being inclusive of other energetic and quantum expressions).


Ivy Mahsciao

Champion for human potential • Lover of phenomenology and virtues. I design and develop systems that help people flourish in their own mastery.

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