Treat Yourself

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I bought this blouse for myself in 2012 on a day where I felt defeated. I was interning at a local newspaper in The Bronx and was sent out in the field to grab some interviews for a story I was writing. It was my first investigative journalism piece. After hours of standing in the cold, I struggled to get a quote and instantly thought of changing my major. I saw all of the mainstream media reporters and admired their looks and experience and felt like I wasn’t shit. I remember taking the 12 bus to Fordham Road and seeing this blouse in the window of a little bootleg store that was similar to the one a reporter wore that day. In my head I thought if I could look the part, then maybe I’d be better at my job. Turns out, that it doesn’t work that way.

I finally took the tags off today and decided to wear it.

Today I’m getting back into video editing and I feel defeated again. It’s been almost a year since I’ve messed with Adobe.

Maybe I should go out and buy another blouse… just because.

#ExcuseToShop #LoveYourself #TreatYourself

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