Get fit & save money every month

Good day, Mr. Obama please can you help us to help people in need. Our mum passed away due to cancer. Help us to help people i think this is a company that is ready for the vision that you have in mind. there is so much to it that meets the eye.

I am proud of it because is a startup that was born from pain to benefit others in need in this crucial times we are in. Have a look your daughters will like to be involved for chore, and definitely your wife because she loves fitness.

thanks again. Mr OBAMA , to me you will be always the best president because you handled things the best you could in the situation that you were in. To me your legacy is there already but people are too blind to see.

Because you need to hit rock bottom to know and appreciate life and the planet that we are in.

If your actions inspire others to dream more ,learn more and do more become more,you are a born leader.



Ivy Barreto