IA#4: Museum Visit 1

National Museum is definitely one of the places any person in the city must visit. It is a home of art and history. Here are some of the paintings that caught my attention during my visit.

  1. “Recuerdo De Patay (Momento Mori) of a Child”
Painting by Simon Flores Y De La Rosa | Oil on Canvas

This painting captured my attention because it portrays a comfortable baby in a beautiful dress and shoes, lying and smiling seems like free from all troubles. But then I realized that it is a painting of a dead baby. I think the story behind it tells that the baby is now in a comfortable state with God in heaven. Free from pain and sufferings that’s why she is smiling even though she’s dead already. From the title itself, it translates “memory from dead” wherein after death, the family members would just see her in their memories. It’s a very saddening painting after internalizing it from a sleeping baby to a dead baby.

2. “El Gobernador y el Obispo”

Painting by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo | 1896| oil on canvas

This picture has a story of two leader or heads discussing about important matters regarding a war or an upcoming planned event. From the information next to the painting these two persons are Perez Dasmarinas, 9th Governor and Captain-General of the Philippines, and Salazar, a Dominican friar and the 1st bishop of Manila. It was said that they were discussing about the dispatch of military expedition to free the Kingdom of Cambodia from Siamese invaders. This painting symbolizes the influences of priest back in the days, that even in deciding the flow of war they have a power to influence the war plans. It can be observable that there is no separation of church and state or in other words, back in the days they help hand in hand in any matters, unlike today it can be seen that the current government and the church has a cold conflict.

This kind of painting educate people about the significant events happened in the past as well as the tradition and belief they have which are influential to the current living of the modern society.

3. “Rape and Massacre in Ermita’

Painting by Diosdado M. Lorenzo | 1947 | Oil on Canvas

This painting is painful to internalize for it depicts the sufferings and pains of the Filipino people including children during the colonization of Spanish in the country. Husbands are killed, wife are sexually harassed and children are abused. I remembered the novels wrote by our hero Dr. Jose Rizal wherein he wrote about the abuses done by Spaniards and as well as the failure of the Filipino people to fight for themselves. I never imagined this kind of situation wherein they are really abused and tortured and I think no apologies will ever make the pain and sufferings be forgotten.

4. “Harana”

Painting by Vicente Silva Manansala | Oil on Canvas mounted on wood

Harana is a tradition considered to be less practiced by the modern society. It is an example of a tradition that is soon to be gone for the technologies we have changed our way of living. Harana can be considered as one of the most especial moment for couples to remember until they die, but then nowadays this practice have been neglected by many. Furthermore, this painting portrays the Filipino’s love for music even from the old days up to the modern culture, music never faded in the culture of Filipinos. We are still producing genius musician and great performers and this can be attributable to the old generation our country had produced.

I hope OPM songs will still be appreciated by Filipinos despite of the growing trend of international music especially with that of K-pop. Harana is a dying practice and tradition that’s why let us not let OPM song experience the same thing.

5. “Sa ugoy ng duyan”

Painting by Agustin Goy | Oil on Canvas

This painting shows the situation wherein ones in while, a mother gets tired too. With all the responsibilities of a mother has, at times they get exhausted and want to have rest. But then even in a resting position, they still see to it that they are taking care of their children at the same time. Like this mother in the painting, while taking a rest and a break by reading magazine, she is simultaneously rocking the baby to sleep. This was a heartwarming painting to see up to how extent the love of a mother has for its children that even in resting they still think of their children.

6. “The Burning of Manila”

This painting caught my eye as it depicts the situation during the bombing of Manila wherein everyone is afraid and are thinking of safe locations to stay. Not only people are endangered but the building structures are also involved and was destructed. Too many hearts crying and too many memories and marks of history destroyed. I wouldn’t imagine myself living in this period. Who knows, I might not even survive this tragic incident.

7. “Pamilya”

Painting by Vicente Silva Manansala | Oil on Canvas mounted on wood

I choose this painting because its different from other paintings that i saw. This painting was not realistic as it uses shapes to form figures which i see very interesting. In the other hand it shows a family praying and thanking God for the food. Living far from my family, i really miss every meal we spent together. I miss the discussions, the laugh and lessons i can get while we are eating. This portrays a content family who are thankful with the blessings they receive and I find it very inspiring.

8. “Magsasaka”

Vicente Silva Manansala | Oil on canvas mounted on wood

I choose this painting because i find it really amazing. In terms of the choice of color, shape and especially the concept of choosing farmers as its subject. Back in the province, we have farms and I already experience farming under the sun. I know how difficult farming is making me very appreciative of the farmers products especially rice. Both of my parents have their regular works but then besides it, they still have time to go farming. This portrays the Filipino attitude of being very hard working.

Here are some of my pictures taken when I visited National Museum last Sunday, February 12, 2017.

An event entitled “Manosa Beyond Architecture” was held at National Museum during the day limiting our visit only until 3pm.

At the back is a famous painting of Juan Luna y Novicio
Picture taken February 14, 2017
Visit National Museum! You’ll be exiting full of knowledge and new facts discovered.